Suspicious Activity

Because I am such a  scatterbrain, such ineptitude, I sometimes appear to be engaged in suspicious activity when really I’m not.

For example, yesterday morning (February 18, 2017) after I took a picture of the OVERLOOK plaque near the stairs, Atlantic Terminal MTA LIRR Flatbush Avenue entrance, when I walked down the stairs, I stood for two or three seconds looking at the three or four police officers who were standing there, knowing I wanted to ask them something, but not remembering what.

It was when I went through the turnstile that I realized, I should have walked over and looked at their name badges to see if one is named Hansen or Hanson. I thought about going back through the turnstile but the police officers had already left the area.

Another example, when New Jersey Transit train reached Campbell Hall I took pictures of the trains decorated with graffiti:

One of the graffiti trains at Campbell Hall train station; photo: February 18, 2017
ESPN 5114, Campbell Hall train station, New York; photo: February 18, 2017

After I took pictures of the trains I got up from my seat and I went to the seats on the other side of the aisle and I tried to take a picture of Campbell Hall sign but the train had already moved past the sign:

Another incident that appeared as though I was engaged in suspicious activity happened when I was in the Kingdom Hall parking lot. I had parked in a handicap parking spot right in front of the meeting schedule sign. There were approximately 20 cars parked in the parking lot, too few for a meeting. I took a picture of the meeting schedule. There is no meeting on Saturdays. When I noticed two or three people walk out of the Kingdom Hall, I went to the door but did not go in. When I went back to the Pure Michigan car rental car I was driving, before I got in the car, I looked up at the sky and I twirled around (sort of like Maria in the Sound of Music twirled when she was running on the mountain), I was feeling so elated, so happy to be there!

I decided to put the car in reverse and park in front of the door, so I could see whoever else came out of the Kingdom Hall, while at the same time trying to program my phone for GPS directions back to Warwick Motel. (I had not yet decided that I would not stay at the Warwick Motel.) I should not have put the car in reverse because one of my sisters was standing at her car or a car, parked in back of where I was parked, and it might have seemed that I was backing up into her or trying to intimidate her. I parked in front of the Kingdom Hall, and I tried and tried to program my Google phone and was not able to. I left the parking lot, thought about taking a few pictures (for example, the sort of nativity scene in someone’s front yard) but didn’t because I did not want to hold up traffic, there was a car behind me.

I went to turn back onto the road, at the something or other Crossing featuring as CIA compass, and turn left to try to find a gas station to ask if someone could show me how to program my phone for GPS, then I decided to go to a USPS store that was a few yards or so from the Crossing exit. The USPS store had a sign directing customers to go to the store next door, Serendipity or something or other. I went inside and one of the two young women programmed my phone for GPS back to Overlook Drive.

(Enterprise employee had programmed my phone for GPS directions from Enterprise Car Rental in Middletown to Warwick Motel in Warwick.)

It was not until I was sitting in Warwick Motel lobby (no one was at the front desk) desperately trying to program my phone for GPS directions from Warwick Motel at 1 Overlook Drive in Warwick to Holiday Inn at 68 Crystal Run Road in Middletown, and the young man wearing the Skull and Bones Geronimo t-shirt came in the lobby and I asked him to help me program my phone for GPS, that I finally realized what I was doing wrong: I was typing in 1 Overlook Drive (and earlier, when trying to get directions from the Kingdom Hall to Warwick Motel, I was typing 17 Ryerson Road) not realizing the GPS already knows the starting point! All this time, the many times I’ve asked other people to program my phone for me, all I had to do was type the destination! To say that I am at times a bit slow or a bit dense might be an understatement.

To Warwick Residents: It is such a pleasure to be in an area where there is no loud music, nobody dressed in outlandish eye-catching clothing, no tattoos, no rudeness (a driver actually stopped his car to let me cross the street). If you see an elderly black female taking pictures, I am she. I will not take any pictures of any people (unless there’s good reason to); I will only take pictures of things that appear to me to be unusual. For example, I find it very unusual and highly suspicious that, right next door to the ubiquitous Chase bank, on Main Street, there’s a girl in a frame, Spadafino Photography.

G’s Restaurant (I had soup, tuna salad, corn muffin, very tasty, waitress friendly) and Chase bank, Main Street, Warwick, New York; photo: February 18, 2017

Chase Private Client and Spadafino Photography, Main Street, Warwick, New York; February 18, 2017

Is Spadafino Photography a “good luck” charm, “lucky rabbit’s foot”??

Spadafino Photography, next door to Chase bank, Warwick, New York; photo: February 18, 2017

[JPMorganChase swastika logo]
cc all Mormon attorneys

In the year 1998 or 1999, Talbot Kids store advertised an advertisement (on the second page of The New York Times), an advertisement featuring a four or five year old boy who looked a lot like my youngest grandson Wesley. The caption: SUITABLE FOR FRAMING. Of course, the biggest frame of all is the frame for former President Barack Hussein Obama, the primary scapegoat, if the Mormon Church of Satan succeeds in their planned nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River.

If you see me and you consider whatever I’m doing to be suspicious activity, please do not hesitate to report me to the police, however please also keep in mind that I do not claim to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Warwick, you could not ask for better neighbors than Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I am certain they feel likewise about you.)   I claim to be she who will expose the inner workings of the Mormon Church of Satan.  (The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan. cc all Mormon attorneys)

Now if in one year or so you begin hearing loud music and seeing all sorts of outrageous looking people on Main Street and elsewhere in Warwick, that won’t be my doing. That will be the doing of the so very deceptive Mormon Church of Satan.