February 5, 2017
(CIA-ASIS agent Geoffrey Jackson, Circuit Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jersey City, New Jersey)


February 6, 2017.  Sitting in Starbucks in a corner by myself, I felt easy button stinging burning pain in my head.  I turned around to see who was around.  This is what I saw, the Hello Moto stance:

Starbucks, Atlantic Terminal, February 6, 2017, approximately 8:45pm. I wanted to take a picture of his face but I don’t want to risk being told I cannot come back here.  He’s wearing glasses.  He looks sort of like this model:

… ‘Ariel’ frames are glittered …

He was talking with an Asian young man who seemed to be reporting to him. I did not notice if the police officers walked in before or after I noticed him. They two (Mr. Hello Moto and the Asian young man) left when a black Muslim male walked in carrying four bags.  (He was wearing a cap like the caps worn by the Africans in the HOPE musical advertisement.)  When he left, NYFD came in the terminal for some sort of emergency concerning a black male, I could not take time from my work on my computer to watch to try to find out what happened.    Now a black male, perhaps a black Muslim perhaps not, is sitting in back of me working on a Toshiba laptop, the same brand as mine.

I have no idea what kind of “synchronization” “coincidental alignment” Mormon Danites/Danettes are cooking up starring me and whomever. This though I do know: It’s going to backfire, GUARANTEED!

Hello Kitty t-shirt in T-Mobile pink/Molly Tenant Association flyer pink, and NYPD t-shirt
11th floor elevator vestibule, Superbowl Sunday morning, February 5, 2017
I did not place these items on the window ledge seating nor do I know who did. This though I do not know:


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