Time to Set the Record Straight

It’s time to set the record straight: Molly, the president of YWCA Brooklyn Tenants Association, is an “80x” insider.  And I suspect that Molly is in charge of Project Easy Button Laser Beam Torture Techniques at the YWCA Brooklyn.

CIA, DIA or FBI agent Danette Molly’s YWCA OF BROOKLYN TENANTS ASSOCIATION meeting, in shades of T-Mobile pink/black.

What will I be doing while CIA, DIA or FBI agent Danette Molly is holding one of her tenants association meetings tonight??  Praying to Jehovah God to give me the strength to endure easy button laser beam pain in my head, and or shocks in my body including my head?  Easy button laser beamfreezing chill to the bone, like I feel right?  Suffering from another bout of “Joe the Plumber” easy button intestinal malady?




(At the Y, ‘They Take Care of Each Other,’ by Isolde Raftery, The New York Times article/photo: October 1, 2010; advertisement: September 2014, http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/03/nyregion/03ywca.html )

[easy button laser beam cell phone:]
(The Book of Mormon is the number one enemy of God’s Word the Holy Bible.  The Mormon church is NOT the church of Jesus Christ.  The Mormon church is the number on enemy of Jesus Christ. cc all Mormon attorneys)WomenOfTheYWCA/ThreeBrutes.jpg


Why is Molly’s tenants association notice showcased in the mailroom above the safe, where residents pay rent??  It has to do with debits and credits and accounting.  Oath of vengeance upon this nation,  Pay Lay Ale, Payment Due, Pay [up,] Pal

Poland Spring water, masks
http://www.marketwatch.com/, February 1, 2017
to be continued
If I am evicted, I will document that I am evicted, and proceed to seek housing elsewhere but where else can I go?  I was hoping to move to the YWCA in White Plains (so I can be near Patterson, Wallkill and Warwick, and also near enough to sometimes visit congregations in Brooklyn and Harlem) but how can I, if  I’m evicted from the YWCA here in Brooklyn?   Maybe I should delete this post and apologize to Molly, but I can’t. A force won’t let me.