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the victim, January 26, 2017January 26, 2017.  About Me.  I am a victim of domestic violence. Super technology easy button laser beam violence.  Not only where I live, at the YWCA in Brooklyn, everywhere I go I am under attack.

DREAMERS DONATIONS [or DO NATIONS] YWCA Brooklyn event, January 25, 2017

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There seems to be no escape for me; wherever I go (even in Jehovah’s house!) someone or more than one person is assigned to press his or her or their easy button devices. Last night when I heard footsteps and rattling sounds in the hallway as I prepared for bed, I said aloud, “I will not stay awake worried about what happens in this room while I am asleep because I know, whatever happens here won’t stay here, and whatever happens, I am not joining the network!  Jehovah God is my Shepherd. Jehovah God forbids me from joining the network.”  [The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.] cc all Mormon attorneys)

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Lisa of Options House no longer has a desk in YWCA administration office, in fact, there is no information about Options House on the internet.  (Lisa is a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon attorneys)  There’s Options House financial trading, but no organization called Options House that provides housing for low income or homeless people.  I’m still in Target Store.  I’m leaving soon, probably I will go back to the YWCA.  I will finish posting this information when I can.   I am working in an extremely hostile environment, on my computer.  It is very difficult for me to get caught up.  I don’t know when I’ll be able to mail postcards. Some of the federal agents (who’re pretending to be Jehovah’s Witnesses [figments of my imagination??]) this past weekend suggested I send the postcards to law firms, rather than Kingdom Halls/churches and synagogues, but how can I when I have no printer, and not only that, Microsoft Office table does not properly align the addresses for labels?  I’ve not yet documented the many kinds of computer gremlin glitches with which I am faced each day.  (Yesterday several times my computer screen switched back and forth between windows (my website, MarketWatch and AOL] like a dance, to the tune of whatever music was playing in Starbucks.  Annoying, but not at all impressive!)   Really, extremely hostile.  Sometimes I feel that I cannot continue to do this work that I do, and yet I cannot stop.  A force drives me on.  I cannot break my integrity to Jehovah.  My brothers cannot, and neither can I.