To CIA Danite John Ekrann etal: The Hall of Magic

To CIA Danite John Ekrann, CIA Danite Louis Freehold, CIA Danite Michael Idaho Creativity Hayden, CIA Danite Robert the Way Gates, CIA Danite Tillerson the Terrible Rexburg, CIA Danite Harry Pinky Reid, CIA Danite Orrin Eggstravaganza Hatch:

Early this morning, January 19, 2017, as I walked in the hallway past the kitchen on my way to the elevator I saw a magazine and two newspapers on the kitchen table. (There are two kitchens on the 11th floor, YWCA Brooklyn, one on the Atlantic Avenue side of the floor, the other on the State Street side of the floor; I am talking about the Atlantic Avenue side of the floor, with the “GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME” sign on one of the doors.  cc all Mormon attorneys)

I turned around and went in the kitchen and I took pictures:

AM New York, Metro New York, January 18, 2017; TimeOut New York, January 18-31, 2017


(Time Out, January 18-31, 2017)

(Time Out, January 18-31, 2017)

Monster’s belle
(Time Out, January 18-31, 2017)

Coincidentally someone was in the hall entering the other kitchen on the State Street side of the building—a “synchronization”, a “coincidental alignment”?  There’s some sort of occult magic going on where I live, YWCA Brooklyn, some kind of Nauvoodoo.  There is also an air or whiff of occultism in Kingdom Halls of Jehovah’s visible organization.  (Ekrann, you and I both know who “the ruler of the air” is [Ephesians 2:2].)

This man looks like he’s related to Sam Lalanne’s wife, Adrienne, not only because of his head-wear which is very similar to hers but also his facial features. He looks like he could be Adrienne’s brother:

I still find myself wondering, Is Adrienne a true witness of Jehovah?  I don’t know why she wears an Aunt Jemima scarf wrapped around her head, at my meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Gowanus congregation.  (My comment is no slight toward Aunt Jemima, for unlike many African American females, I do not find her image insulting.) Why are more and more African American women wearing Aunt Jemima scarves on their heads??  I am not offended by Aunt Jemima (as an aside, one of Job’s daughters is named Jemima [Job 42:14]) and most certainly I am not offended by Uncle Tom, in fact, Uncle Tom is one of my heros.  Anyhow, back to the topic of conversation.  It’s just that African American women moreso than any other women, seem to dress in a manner that draws attention to themselves.  I’ve no complaint about that, other than in Jehovah’s visible organization.

Adrienne Lalanne is very attractive, and she probably has “good” hair, so, why does she always cover her hair with a knit cap or an Aunt Jemima scarf??  (Why does she still wear her carry thing to carry her infant, when her infant is not in it?  With those straps hanging down it looks like she’s a horse with a harness!  The more I think about it, the more convinced am I that, wearing a harness-like contraption is not her idea!  And perhaps the head-wrap is not her idea either.)

I thought of Adrienne again when I saw this because her scarf is more like this female’s than the magician’s, in fact this woman even looks slightly pregnant as was she recently (she and Sam now have two children):

Here the Intel woman looks like Kristal Trumpet:

I like Kristal Trumpet but I don’t think she likes me.  I don’t blame her; one or two years ago I wrote that she is an FBI agent, one of the ones I like. Since then, she was working as a checkout employee in Key Foods but I only saw her once because I’d stopped going to Key Foods.  (Not because of any complaint against Key Foods, I actually prefer Key Foods much more than Stop and Shop, which is nearer to where I live.)   Kristal Trumpet was a member of Times Plaza congregation, the congregation that must be dissolved.  Tuesday, January 17, 2017 was her last meeting.  She’s moving to Buffalo, New York. I’d like to know who gave her the undercover name Kristal Trumpet.

(Mormon Church of Satan “angel” Moroni blowing trumpet, AOL or Google Images)

(Time Out, January 18-31, 2017, page 35)


I’m still here at Starbucks.  I spoke with four military men who were here earlier. At first I thought they were National Guardmen but when I approached them I saw that they are US Army men.  At least one was in active duty in Iraq, twice.  He had no complaint (but I have!).  I told them I will be so glad when they’re are home where they belong, with their families, and the terrorists where they belong, in prison.  (I did not mention to them that the terrorists are sitting in executive offices on Wall Street, in government offices in Washington DC and standing in “holy” pulpits on Sunday mornings.  As I watched them when they left Starbucks I felt such deep love in my heart for them.  cc all Mormon attorneys)

Katyn movie poster.jpg
Where it regards the prevalence of worldly influences and ideologies, there is no more capable opponent than the army of the Lord.Detroit-based rap group God’s Army are the personification of the strength and victory that God has given his people in the war against the devil.
(Mormon church’s/CIA’s “God’s Army” rap group, )

[Prudential Center]
EBONY Fashions C-4 ARMY & NAVY Apparel
EBONY Fashions C-4 ARMY & NAVY Apparel
(Market Street, Newark, New Jersey; photo: summer 2012), January 19, 2017, January 19, 2017, January 19, 2017
Parlor Hair Salon, Atlantic Avenue between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, summer 2016

I will not attend my meeting at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses tonight, January 19, 2017. I must finish washing my laundry and preparing for my weekend trip, my visit to Wallkill.