To CIA Mormon Danette Molly: Gaslight

To CIA Mormon Molly, President, YWCA Brooklyn Tenants’ Association:  Molly, I know that, when I write that I will write to you summarizing the torture techniques I’ve experienced these past two weeks or so,  it sounds like my words are empty words but they’re not.  I really will document, to your attention, all the torture I can recall experiencing since I moved here.

Of course, all that I will tell you will be imaginary imaginings in my mind, the mind of a crazy woman, me, she who is suffering from delusions of persecution.

American Express INK JOY pen
(YWCA Brooklyn security desk [as though the security desk is a hotel check-in desk, Hotel California, Bates Hotel, or Shutter Island] 2013.  [Choice of the word “Joy” added to the American Express/JPMorganChase Ink pen is an attempt to mock James’ words of encouragement to true Christians, recorded in God’s Word the Holy Bible] cc all Mormon attorneys)

James 1:2
New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures-With References
2 Consider it all joy, my brothers, when YOU  meet with various trials,+
+ Marginal References
Matthew 5:12
12  Rejoice and leap for joy, since YOUR reward is great in the heavens; for in that way they persecuted the prophets prior to YOU.
Acts 5:41
41 These, therefore, went their way from before the San’he·drin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy to be dishonored in behalf of his name.
1 Peter 4:14
14 If YOU are being reproached for the name of Christ, YOU  are happy, because the [spirit] of glory, even the spirit of God, is resting upon YOU.
[Additional Translations:]

I cannot find the print-screen picture I took of American Express Publishing website, featuring the front door to a house, and a gaslight.  (American Express Publishing was sold a few years ago.)

Video drama: Be Loyal, as Jesus Was
(Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, Summer 2016)

An example of “gaslighting”:

“Gaslighting” technique, caught on video, authorities sneakily breaking into a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, sneakily planting banned literature (literature that  is not banned in other nations; literature about God, the true God, Jehovah; and his son, Christ Jesus the Prince of Peace; and his visible organization, Jehovah’s Witnesses—literature that promotes peace among all nations), as though my brothers should think that they forgot to remove the banned literature from the Kingdom Hall]:[search_id]=c79b7638-cd9e-4e45-ac9c-b6107262de20&insight[search_result_index]=13
IA-KGB agent Brent Belnap and CIA-KGB agent David Schaefer gave me permission to post these two URLs.  cc all Mormon attorneys

American Express pen, showcased next to a small stack of FIELD SERVICE REPORT forms, Brooklyn Heights congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, October 2016

The film was advertised as “the strange story of an international criminal’s love for a great beauty,” and “the strange drama of a captive sweetheart.” The film’s plot, faithfully adapted by its screenwriters, was about a diabolical, Victorian criminal husband (Charles Boyer playing against type) who systematically and methodically attempts to torment, menace, and drive his bedeviled, fragile wife (Ingrid Bergman) mad. Its title was derived from the frequent dimming and flickering of the gaslights. The phrase “to gaslight” someone (to deliberately drive someone insane by psychologically manipulating their environment and tricking someone into believing that they are insane), was derived from the film.

He encourages the forthright maid to show contempt for Paula. When the maid has left the room, Paula questions her husband’s behavior, although he excuses it as just “trifling with her.” She complains about being despised and being made to feel more and more inferior by the servant help:

Her whole manner. The way she talks to me, the way she looks at me.

When Paula becomes agitated and self-doubting, Gregory accuses her of becoming delusionary and imagining things again: “If you start talking about the way Nancy looks at you…Do you really think Nancy despises you?…It hurts me when you’re ill and fanciful.” Gregory also forbids Paula to see their visiting neighbors, “busybody” Miss Thwaites and her nephew (play-acting Brian Cameron), supposedly because she is not well enough to receive anyone: “My dear, if you let her in once, you’ll always have her here…I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE ALL OVER THIS HOUSE.” Later, Gregory manufactures an excuse for dismissing their neighbors (“keeping people away from you, making you a prisoner”) – it’s because they have plans to attend the theatre for the evening. He playfully reminds his ‘forgetful,’ long-suffering and tormented wife that he is merely disciplining her thoughtlessness.

Alternately, however, he cruelly denies her concerns and persecutes her as part of his meticulously-planned campaign and plot to destroy her sanity. In another confrontative assault of icy disapproval, he points to a bright, square rectangle on the wall and accuses his fearful, paranoid wife of stealing a framed picture from there – and then forgetting where she placed it: “Will you please get it from wherever you’ve hidden it and put it back in its place?” When Paula becomes hysterical under the pressure, he summons and questions both servants who deny any involvement.

Attesting to her own innocence, Paula hugs a Bible to her chest – vowing that she didn’t remove the picture. But then in a startling revelation, Paula locates the hidden picture behind a statue on the landing of the stairs – swearing that she didn’t know it was there: “I only looked there because that’s where it was found twice before. I didn’t know, Gregory, I didn’t know.” He postpones their plans for the theatre that evening: “You’re far from well enough for the theatre,” and sends her to her room. She dissolves into further mental instability:

If it was I who took that picture down…if it was I who took it down the other times, if I do all these senseless, meaningless things, so meaningless, why should I take a picture down? But then, I don’t know what I do anymore…But then, if that’s true, then you must be gentle with me. You must bear with me, please. Oh please, Gregory, please!

When she is left by herself, Paula admits that she is horrified and ‘frightened of the house’: “I hear noises and footsteps. I imagine things, that there are people over the house. I’m frightened, and of myself too.” Although she begs to not be deserted, she is left alone and isolated again as Gregory descends the stairs and prepares to go out to work (“I hope to find you better in the morning”). As he leaves, the saucy maid doesn’t disguise her romantic interest in the ‘master’ as she helps him with his coat and leans enticingly toward him:

Nancy: Gonna work on your tunes again tonight, sir? You’re always working, aren’t you?
Gregory: Yes. What are you doing with your evening out?
Nancy: Oh, I’m going to a musical…(She begins singing ‘Up in a balloon’)
Gregory: I’ve never been to an English musical.
Nancy: Oh, you don’t know what you’ve missed, sir…
Gregory: And whom are you going to the musical with?
Nancy: A gentleman friend, sir.
Gregory: Oh, now you know Nancy, don’t you, that gentlemen friends are sometimes inclined to take liberties with young ladies.
Nancy: Oh no, sir, not with me. I can take care of myself – when I want to. (She leans forward)
Gregory: You know, Nancy, it strikes me that you’re not at all the kind of girl that your mistress should have for a housemaid.
Nancy: (flirtatiously) No, sir? She’s not the only one in the house – is she?

Gregory disappears into the foggy night, walks around the block, and hides in the shadows. Later, imprisoned within her own house and bedroom, Paula again hears ominous footsteps above her, and the flickering gaslights dim. [He is determinedly trying to find the location of the precious jewels stashed in the house during secretive, nightly searches of the third-floor attic where he ransacks her aunt’s possessions.] [emphasis added]

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah (AP) — The Boyer Co. has been awarded a $105.6 million contract to remodel or replace more than 1,000 homes and townhouses at Hill Air Force Base.
Under the contract announced Thursday, the Salt Lake City-based company will demolish 120 surplus military housing units, remodel or replace 1,011 units, and own, operate and maintain 1,018 units.
The project will take about six years to complete, after which Boyer will serve as the landlord. The company has signed a 50-year lease agreement with the Air Force on the property, which occupies the base’s southwest corner.
Boyer established a single-purpose company, Boyer Hill Military Housing LC, to oversee the project. Mark Pace, project manager for Boyer Hill Military Housing, said demolition and construction work is expected to begin about Aug. 1.
(Mormon Church of Satan KSL, 2005, emphasis added)

(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, ) 

Ingrid Bergman in the 1944 film Gaslight
Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of manipulation through persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying in an attempt to destabilize and delegitimize a target. Its intent is to sow seeds of doubt in the targets, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.[1][2] Instances may range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim. The term owes its origin to Gas Light, a 1938 play and 1944 film, and has been used in clinical and research literature.[3][4]
Heidi’s Inn
(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, )