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America’s Largest 350 Law Firms

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Only two of the 350 largest law firms are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  So obviously, I will be mistaken when I write that, the Mormon Church of Satan plans to have Isaiah 2:4 (“out of Zion law will go forth”) apply to Salt Lake City/Provo, Utah.
Yes, obviously the Mormon Church of Satan has no hidden agenda, no grand vision centered around another attack on America, a nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River.
Obviously I am just a conspiracy nut with a super duperly vivid imagination, imagining terribly slanderous things about the highly respected Church of Satan.
Obviously there is no almost foolproof plan to attack the Hudson River.
Obviously I am mistaken about everything.
Obviously it is crazy of me to think that this website could actually be the beginning of a presidential campaign for Caroline Kennedy.
Yes, obviously.