To CIA Mormons Brumley and Oaks: Hawthorn

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December 27, 2016.  About Me.   I need to document and post the torture techniques I experienced during the night during my stay at Marriott Hotel, December 24-25, 2016

(although Marriott Hotel is owned by the Mormon Church of Satan it would not have mattered which hotel I stayed, the room next door would have been occupied by the same person who occupied or had access to the room I stayed in at the Marriott; when I searched for hotels in Fishkill, Marriott Courtyard was the only hotel found; I was not aware, at that time, that there are several hotels in Fishkill)

and I need to post some excerpts from the book I am currently reading

(a book titled Russka by Edward Rutherfurd)

but first I must document what happened on the MetroNorth train yesterday because I still feel such anguish every time I think about it.


Yesterday (December 26, 2016) on the MetroNorth train from Beacon to Grand Central Station, I had planned to read the book I am reading, but because the scenery is so spectacular, I read very little.

(The ride up to Beacon, I did not have a window seat next to the river, I was on the other side of the aisle.  When I entered the car it hadn’t occurred to me that if I sat in the aisle next to the river, I could enjoy the view.  I thought  about changing seats but then decided not to; mostly I read during the one and one half hour trip.)

I enjoyed looking at the glistening river, the majestic mountains, the pristine shoreline with rocks and pebbles and not even one piece of trash—living in the city, rarely do I have an opportunity to see Jehovah’s creation.

Somewhere near Croton-Harmon, I saw a man standing in the area between the car where I was sitting, and the next car. He seemed to be peeping at me.  I am not lying.  Several times I saw slowly appear from behind the other side of the door, the area between the two cars, only half of his face, one eye, looking at me!  (I was seated in the fourth row seat from the door.)

He was wearing a jacket with some sort of emergency patch.

A fireman?  I wondered. Why is a fireman on this MetroNorth train playing peek-a-boo?  I wondered some more.

And then I decided to ask him if I could take a picture of his jacket.

TOWER 38 LADDER (passenger [African American male fireman, Sleepy Hollow, New York], MetroNorth train from Beacon to Grand Central Station, December 26, 2016)

When I saw that the patch on his arm is in fact a fire department patch, I asked him if I could take a picture of the back of his jacket or hoodie, explaining to him that I really appreciate firemen and police officers, and “TOWER” reminds me of the Twin Towers (actually, it was the number 38 that also caught my eye, and, “The Tower” is or was the name of one of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ residences in Brooklyn Heights) and silently I was wondering if he and his colleague are FBI agents and I thought about mentioning that I will be so glad when the terrorists, on Wall Street and in Washington DC and Salt Lake City Utah, are caught, but decided not to.


Sleepy Hollow is a village in the town of Mount Pleasant in Westchester County, New York. The village is located on the east bank of the Hudson River, about 30 miles (48 km) north of New York City, and is served by the Philipse Manor stop on the Metro-North Hudson Line. To the south of Sleepy Hollow is the village of Tarrytown, and to the north and east are unincorporated parts of Mount Pleasant. The population of the village at the 2010 census was 9,870.[1]
The Headless Horseman is a fictional character that appears in many venues. The term commonly refers to the Headless Horseman (“Legend of Sleepy Hollow”). a fictional character in the 1820 short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving. The term may also refer to:

To CIA Mormon Phil Brumley: I know you are a member of the Spanish congregation that meets in the same Kingdom Hall as the Tagalog congregation meets, in Brewster, and as I attend both (as well as all), I will not ask you any questions about the beheadings.  Dallin is going to have to answer the question about the beheadings.  Phil, I am really looking forward to moving to or near, Brewster, New York!


Hawthorne (sometimes stylized HawthoRNe) is an hour-long medical drama on the TNT television network starring Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Vartan. It premiered on June 16, 2009.[1] On Thursday, September 16, 2010, it was announced that Hawthorne has been renewed for a third and final season consisting of 10 episodes. The third and final season of the show premiered on June 14, 2011, and ended on August 16, 2011.
On September 2, 2011, it was announced that TNT had decided not to renew HawthoRNe, so the Season 3 finale, a cliffhanger, was the series finale.[2]

HAWTHORN PARK OVERLOOKING LINCOLN CENTER [a Glenwood property] (Black LDS leader Darius Gray makes, contributes to Mormon history, Mormon Church of Satan Deseret News, June 16, 2014; advertisement: Autumn 2016;
FOR THE RECORD. Mormon Church of Satan temple is located across the street from Lincoln Center.  cc all Mormon attorneys
FOR THE RECORD.  FBI agent Darius Gray is the long-time leader or president of the Mormon Church of Satan’s “Genesis Group”, for black Mormons.  I have not yet found any information to connect Genesis Group to Cain or Ham.  Contrary to popular opinion, black skin is not a sign of cursedness. (As an aside, in God’s Word the Holy Bible, blackness is sometimes a sign of oppression, persecution.  Some of my brothers are white, and yet, darker then black!  [Lamentations 4:7-8])

The Sleepy Hollow fireman (HOLLOW 38 LADDER photo), an African American man, and his colleague, if I am not mistaken, an Irish American man, are both now plaintiffs in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Verizon and other corporations including and most especially, the Mormon Church of Satan.The FBI must make sure no harm befalls either of these two men, or Justin, Beacon Enterprise Car Rental African American male who is probably also an FBI agent, because he is now also a plaintiff in the same legal case.

(Justin drove me to the MetroNorth train station after I returned the rental car [a courtesy extended to customers] and during the ride, first explaining to him that I do not claim to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I told him I know that what Jehovah’s Witnesses teach is true, that badness is rampant and this system of things will soon end; Justin mentioned that his family are Muslims. Any attempt to make it seem as though Justin discussed any terrorism plans with me, will backfire!  The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan. cc all Mormon attorneys)

Instead of going back to the car where I had been sitting, because the door was closed and because the door to the other car was open—I was actually standing in the doorway—I entered that car and I sat in the third seat from the door.

I read a few pages in the book I am reading (Russka by Edward Rutherfurd) and wrote a few notes in the back of the book (key words and page numbers of pages I wanted to type, and post here at my website) and I read a few articles in the CIA’s USA Today December 24, 2016 Poughkeepsie Journal edition; a complementary copy of the newspaper, from Marriott Hotel.

I read about the Rail engineer in fatal crash gets lifetime pension-MetroNorth employee fell asleep at the controls, and Two men killed in Dover crash, on or near Weil Road and I of course thought about Sandy Weil and Citi, the biggest drug money launderer on the planet, and CIA Mormon Sandy the Hatchetman Warner of JPMorgan, and Storm Sandy and CIA-DIA super technology weather modification and my mind just went wild with thoughts and hopes that this corrupt rotten to the core system of things soon ends!

When the announcer announced that the train was approaching Grand Central Station, even after a few minutes, none of the passengers had stood up.  I looked through the window into the other car and saw passengers standing gathering their belongings, but no one in the car where I was.  I felt a bit disoriented.  Are the passengers thinking me to be “suspicious activity”?  I felt really disoriented.

I was hungry (I hadn’t eaten anything for two days other than a bowl of cream of turkey soup, lemon cake and half of a muffin, a glass of grapefruit juice and several large cups of coffee) and tired.  Though I was not carrying anything more than I’d brought with me, my tote bag felt heavier.

When I reached the door, the Irish American FBI agent helped me open the door.  Did I thank him?  I’m not sure. I felt very self-conscious.  Was it suspicious of me that I was so friendly when I asked to take a picture, but so silent when unboarding the train, that I did not say anything to the two FBI agents?  I should have thanked them again but I didn’t because I felt very self-conscious. I felt sad when I saw the other passengers, all still seated, sad that I am considered to be “suspicious activity”, but not so much so that I will stop my “suspicious activity”.  If I feel anguish again, any thoughts that anyone feels uncomfortable in my presence, I will write about it, and post what I write because writing about it, and posting what I write, relieves me of the anguish.

Mormon Church of Satan Emerald Green, a Glenwood property, advertised all over the internet, Autumn 2016
320 W 38th St
across the street from where I lived on 38th Street during what I refer to as the nightmare time of my life.
To the Mormon Church of Satan: My name is not Dorothy; I do not live in Satan’s druggery Wizard of Oz Wonderland.  My name is not Alice; I do not live in Satan’s druggery Wonderland with Toto and the white rabbit, and the Queen of Hearts.  My name is Leitha, not Leia; I am not a part of your satanic fantasyland superhuman Star Wars.  My hope is to live in paradise, right here on earth with other lovers of truth, beauty, and peace.   (Psalm 37:9-10, 29; laugh, scoffers!)  (The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)  cc all Mormon attorneys

320 W 38th Street: Across the street from where I lived in 1995
321 Claremont Avenue: Where I lived with my parents and siblings in Jersey City, my parents bought teh two family house in 1959
322: Yale Skull and Bones
323 Claremont Avenue: Where I loved next door when I married my first husband, in 1961 (I was pregnant; I am very ashamed of some aspects of my life, and yet I am so grateful that abortions were not yet common, at that time-I am glad I did not have an abortion)
69 Yale Avenue: Where my second husband lived with his grandmother, around the corner from Claremont Avenue; several years ago he spent some time in The Tombs, a holding pen filled to capacity with mostly young African American males, located several blocks from “Triumph of the Human Spirit” sculpture “honoring” African Americans


A MORE ECO-FRIENDLY WAY TO CLEAN., December 27, 2016 before the opening bell

So clean house!
Encore [Hawthorn property] Pepperdine
God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home
 (Mormons are taught that America is their promised land; with an encore, another attack on America, the Constitution can be rewritten to their liking.  The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)
cc CIA Mormon Richard Bushman, author: Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling
cc Pepper Hamilton Freeh
cc all Mormon attorneys