To CIA Mormon Danite David Splane, Infiltrator, Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses: More About Me

December 25,2016.  David, throughout my life I have been the recipient of many acts of kindness.

Yesterday (December 24, 2016) I experienced several acts of kindness.

After I left Enterprise Car Rental and saw cars driving toward me with the headlights on, is when I realized that, because it was raining, I should have the headlights on. But I couldn’t turn the headlights on because I didn’t know know how to turn the headlights on.  I had the windshield wipers on, but did not know how to turn on the headlights, or the defogger. I had to open the windows because it was so foggy in the car. I stopped at a gas station and I telephoned Enterprise Car Rental.  I understood how to close the windows, but I could not get the lights to come one.  Another motorist showed me how to turn the lights on, and I thanked him for his kindness.  (I also am very very thankful to Justin, Enterprise Car Rental employee, because had he and I not spoken on Thursday to confirm my car reservation, I would not have realized that I did not have a valid interim driver’s license for renting a car.)

I thank Jehovah God for the kindness extended to me while I was traveling from Patterson back to Fishkill, and before that, when I was trying to find one of the two Kingdom Halls near the Education Center in Patterson, either one.  (There is no Kingdom Hall at the Education Center, at 100 Watchtower Drive in Patterson, a fact I should have realized but did not.)

I decided to look for one of the Kingdom Halls, to visit this weekend, and my next visit, look for the other.  The one in Brewster is the one I tried to find but was having difficulty finding. Not realizing I’d driven past the Kingdom Hall, on Route 52 (or Route 22?), I wound up in Westchester County or headed toward Westchester Country, a really long distance with no rest stops and finally I exited at one of the exits and headed back toward Patterson, and driving back, I thought the car had a flat tire.  It sounded like the car was driving on the rim of the tire!  The road is filled with some kind of new and improved paving, a slightly raised line in the road every several yards that makes cars sound like a tire is flat (or at least that’s how the rental car that I’m driving sounded)!

After I finally found the Kingdom Hall in Brewster with help from another motorist at a gas station who let me follow him because he was going in that direction and then he put his left signal on for me to know, to turn left for the Kingdom Hall entrance (how my heart fills with love and appreciation for his kindness!), driving back I stopped at The Putnam Diner, for a bowl of soup and a glass of grapefruit juice, and I noted the street number so I could enter the street number on the GPS that I rented (going to Patterson, a Marriott employee kindly programmed the GPS for me), but I was not able to program the GPS and when the GPS started giving directions, I thought the GPS was programmed to give me directions back to my starting point but somehow or other I wound up in Beekman and Stormville!  I stopped three times and asked directions and the third time I stopped, at a sort of 711 (by this time it was nightfall, I probably looked really pathetic), a motorist kindly told me she would drive to the Marriott and I could follow her.  How I thank Jehovah God for her kindness!  (I thanked her, too!  Such gratitude I feel!)

A trip that should have taken an hour, took me five hours.  Besides getting lost finding the Kingdom Hall and finding my way back to the hotel, I was driving very slowly, 15 to 20 miles an hour.  There were so many curves and swerves; when I started the trip, rain; at one point, extremely heavy mist. A few drivers were impatient, if it was a one lane and he or she couldn’t get pass me, but I could not allow myself to be cowed by any other drivers.

On my way to Patterson, while I was driving on I-684—with its many curves and swerves; and the rain; and later, the mist—I was constantly praying to Jehovah God.

I was praying praying praying, that His servants would not be put to shame because of me.  (Psalm 69:5-9)  I was praying, and in my mind I was hearing Song 77 on a cassette of mostly acapella music that must by posted at, for the LEGAL CASE.  (In no way do I diminish the Kingdom Orchestra.)  Today was one of the most prayerful days of my life.

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