December 22,2016.  To CIA Mormon Danite Thomas Monson, President, Mormon Church of Satan:  I will post some information about the song that CIA Mormon Danite Orrin Hatch, or another Mormon Danite or Danette composer, composed for Jehovah’s Witnesses, when I come back from my meeting at the Kingdom Hall a few blocks from here, Third Avenue, Brooklyn.

I will post information about Genesis 6:14, and some other information.

Here’s what I hope to post before I embark on my trip to Patterson, New York:

1) Genesis 6:14 Nephilim, Book of Mormon Nephi
2) Deglace, DeGlace hotel, Canada
3) Walk a Mile in My Shoes (transvestite promotional founded by Mormon Danites/Danettes), The Devil Wore Prada
4) NY Moore hostel


begin (a course of action, especially one that is important or demanding).