To CIA Mormon General Michael Hayden

Trumpet player, Assurance free cell phones, NO SMOKING, lamp and “JESUS IS THE LIGHT” sign
MTA DNR 23 subway, December 19, 2016

NO SMOKING [no exposing, no revealing], lamp and “JESUS IS THE LIGHT” sign
MTA DNR 23 subway, December 19, 2016.  This man is now a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  (Michael, I must call a spade a spade, for the record,  the LEGAL CASE.)  cc all Mormon attorneys

December 20, 2016.  To CIA-DIA General Mormon Michael Hayden, former Director, CIA, current board member, Motorola [“Hello Moto”]:  I know you do not know the name of whomever will press an easy button later tonight transmitting pain to my head during Times Plaza meeting at the Kingdom Hall on Third Avenue a few blocks from here, YWCA Brooklyn, but might you know the names of the committee members who authorized the torture policy??

This is a photo included in the information to be considered this week during Jehovah’s Witnesses LIVING AS CHRISTIANS meeting, the meeting I will attend tonight and tomorrow night and Thursday night.  (I’m sure you’re familiar with all of Jehovah’s visible organization meetings.)  No matter how much pain I feel in my head I will sit and stare at this picture, swooning with longing and desire.


The King Shines Light on the Kingdom

God’s people come to recognize vital truths about the Kingdom, its rulers, and its subjects, as well as the requirement of loyalty

Brother Rutherford could not foresee how numerous the great crowd would become (From left to right: Nathan H. Knorr, Joseph F. Rutherford, and Hayden C. Covington)
([search_id]=1a768af2-55b7-4043-b87b-def31aff4fee&insight[search_result_index]=10, some of the federal agents who’re pretending to be Jehovah’s Witnesses gave me permission to post this information)

Hayden, during driving lesson I would sometimes wonder, Why is Lucy told to say “watch out for grandma” or “there’s grandpa” or other such brief expressions about grandma and grandpa and then I found out why, Wiggins “roid rage” (though I doubt that Lucy knows why):

More green:

Decorated door next door to me even though decorations are not allowed on doors

to be continued