by JJ da NIGGA!

(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Nia )

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) was the previous name of an intelligence agency of the South African government. Currently it is known as the Domestic Branch of the State Security Agency. It is responsible for domestic and counter-intelligence within the Republic of South Africa. The branch is run by a Director, who reports to the Director-General of the State Security Agency. The Director is also a member of the National Intelligence Co-Ordinating Committee (NICOC).

(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Nia )

December 14, 2016.  To Zeny St. Jean, CIA-NIA agent, Global Projects Coordinator, Jehovah’s Witnesses: Zeny, last week I wrote a note to CIA Mormon “Gary Breaux” letting him know that I want the Times Plaza congregation dissolved.  Instead of passing my request on to the proper committee to take action to dissolve the congregation, he and whomever else sent more fake brothers to the congregation, a slap in the face to me!


Brooklyn Y.W.C.A. Gives Women a Roof Over Their Heads – The New …
Oct 1, 2010 – At the Y, ‘They Take Care of Each Other’ … Women of all stripes have walked these echoing hallways: Alvin Ailey dancers, electrical engineers, …

A slap in the face to me, but more importantly, further mockery of Jehovah God’s holy house and His holy standards.

No one wore jeans to the meeting last night, but probably someone will wear jeans to the Spanish congregation tonight.  (Zeny, as you know or should know, the dress standard [and the standard of conduct] for Jehovah’s house [and anywhere else] comes directly from Him, by means of “the faithful and discreet slave” [Matthew 24:45; fake/false members of the Governing Body must be exposed and removed but we’ll talk about that at another time]).  No one wore jeans, but a woman, Ms. Thompson, wore pants.  I didn’t notice anybody fiddling with his or her belt.


Zeny, the number 4773 is part of my checking account number (hackers: it is illegal to tamper with evidence in a legal case, most especially, the LEGAL CASE). You may have read or heard about what happened to my checking account: Mormon Danites/Danettes purchased Afriqiyah Libya Airline tickets using my Visa debit card number and because Register.com was scheduled to make a withdrawal but couldn’t because my checking account was tagged for suspicious activity (Afriqiyah Airlines does not fly here in the U.S.), my website was taking off the internet. Instead of my website, visitors saw a “DOMAIN FOR SALE” sign and a smirky face young blond female with her feet up on a desk.  I wasted no time sending an email to newspapers and colleges (one to two thousand emails) documenting what happened (I cannot remember if sent the  emails to any law firms).  I was back on the line in a day or two. That happened in November 2010, years before a U.S. ambassador to Libya and others were murdered.

You may wonder, Why is she telling me this?

Well, because when I saw Fashion Nova gold/silver blouse, I thought of a new federal agent in Times Plaza congregation, Robert wife.  (I remember Robert from a French Creole congregation, across the street from Central Park West.)   That’s what she wore to the meeting last night, a party-time gold/silver blouse, and lots of blond hair extensions on her head; she has long blond hair.  She mentioned, when she and Robert were at the microphone, that she’s from California.  Maybe she’s a natural blond.  Maybe there are no hair extensions on her head.  Her blouse is very much like this gold/silver blouse:


Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Monte N. Redman is President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Astoria Financial Corporation and its subsidiary Astoria Bank. A magna cum laude graduate of New York Institute of Technology, he is a director and former Chairman of the Board of the US Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA, renamed in 2015 to Tourette Association of America).[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monte_N._Redman


Zeny, when I lived in Fort Lee, New Jersey, I attended the Kingdom Hall on Abbott Avenue in Ridgefield, New Jersey.  When I visited this past Spring, I was told I had to leave the premises.  I had overreacted to two or three because of their dress and manner.  cc all Mormon attorneys

The Key to Longevity: 7 Tips For a Healthier Heart
By Abbott Laboratories

What happened on the betatron — the air core? There was the idea associated with it of using power from Boulder Dam.

I never said that. I may have said that. I may have said in a facetious way that this would need Boulder Dam to run it. I or somebody used this as a facetious reference, but certainly it was never planned to do that. Sometimes you have to be careful about making jokes or people will think you are being serious.

It is good to clarify that. You explained the reasons why one would need this tremendous source. I would like to return and discuss how you got down to work on the synchrotron idea, and then specifically, the atmosphere, the changes here, your duties.

[1]I shall try to describe the Trinity test as seen from the “Hill Station”, twenty miles from the event. None of my estimate of times or magnitudes can be considered very accurate, as I have found by comparison with others a wide variation, illustrating the difficulty of personal judgment without instruments. The shot went off at about 5:30 am, just before sunrise. I was watching the shot through a piece of dark glass such as is used in welders’ helmets. An exceedingly bright light appeared and expanded very rapidly. I was award of a sensation of heat on my face and hands, which lasted about a second. After about two seconds, I took the glass away.

The sky and the surrounding landscape were brightly illuminated, but not as strongly as by full sunlight. The “ball of fire” was still too bright for direct observation, but it could be seen to be rising and expanding and slowly fading out. At some time during this stage, the layers of clouds above the explosion evaporated, forming a hole which rapidly got bigger. At about thirty seconds, the general appearance was similar to a goblet; the ball I estimated to be about a mile in diameter and about four miles above the ground, glowing with a dull red; a dark stem connected it with the ground, and spread out a thin dust layer that extended to a radius of about six miles. When the red glow faded out a most remarkable effect made its appearance. The whole surface of the ball was covered with a purple luminescence, like that produced by the electrical excitation of air, and caused undoubtedly by the radioactivity of the material in the ball. This was visible for about five seconds; by this time the sunlight was becoming bright enough to obscure luminous effects. At some time near the end of the luminescence (I am not sure whether it was before or after) a great cloud broke out of the top of the ball and rose very rapidly to a height of about eight miles, expanding to a rather irregular shape several times as large as the ball.

At about two minutes, the blast came. It was remarkably sharp, being more of a “crack” than a “boom”. I did not feel any earth shock. The later stages of motion of the cloud consisted of a slow drifting in the wind, showing the existence of several different wind directions at different altitudes. A current at a few hundred feet carrying the lower part of the “stem” toward the North 10,000 station was particularly striking. The cloud was a different color that the ordinary clouds through which it passed, having a brownish ting; this could be caused by nitrogen dioxide formed from air by the intense ionization. The whole spectacle was so tremendous and one might almost say fantastic that the immediate reaction of the watchers was one of awe rather than excitement. After some minutes of silence, a few people made remarks like “Well, it worked,” and then conversation and discussion became general. I am sure that all who witnessed this test went away with a profound feeling that they had seen one of the great events of history.