Radiant Angel – Nelson DeMille


As with all of my novels, I’ve taken advantage of the patience and good nature of friends and acquaintances to assist me with facts, technical details, and inside information that a novelist needs but can’t find in books or on the Internet.
And as always, here is my disclaimer: any errors of fact regarding the procedures or professions represented in this novel are either a result of my misunderstand of the information given to me, or a result of my decision to take literary license and dramatic liberties.  Also, in some cases I have been asked to alter classified information given to me in confidence.
First among these friends who have helped me is Kenny Hieb, a.k.a. John Corey. Kenny, like Corey, is a retired NYPD detective, formerly with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and currently with another Federal organization that needs to go unnamed. Thanks, Kenny, for your assistance and, more importantly, for your work in keeping us safe.

Next, I’d like to thank Pete Conte, Suffolk County (NY) Police Officer, Marine Bureau. Pete has been very generous with his time and very giving of his vast knowledge of police work on the high seas. In exchange for all this, I have given Pete a cameo role in this book. And again, whatever errors I’ve made in this regard are mine alone.

Also on the high seas, many thanks to my friend Bruce Knecht, yachtsman and author of Hooked, The Proving Ground, and Grand Ambition, for steering me in the right direction on my voyage of super yacht discovery. If I ahead read Bruce’s wonderful Grand Ambition, I could not have created The Hana, which is central to this story.

Thanks, too, to John Kennedy, Deputy Police Commissioner, Nassau County(NY)_Police Department (Retired).  John’s a member of the New York State Bar, and patron (with me) of many local bars. John has helped me with all my John Corey novels and he brigns to this task a uniuque combination of skills and knowledge as a police officer and an attorney.  If I make up too much stuff, John revokes my literary license.

Another early reader of the manuscript is my son, Alex, who as a screenwriter gets straight to the heart of the storyline and the characters. Screenwriters tell a story with an economy of words and they reveal their characters through dialogue, and I have learned much from Alex, making me feel good about the Yale tuition.  Thanks, Buddy.

From a different perspective on the manuscript I always turn to my daughter, Lauren, a psychologist.  Dr Lauren is able to anlyze my characters, and through them she can analyze the author and offer help for all of us.

And, penultimately, i want to thank the beautiful Ethel Kenedy, who is truly a radiant angel on earth. Ethel inspires me to be charitable and it’s starting to work.

The best is last, and that is my wife, Sandy, who is an example to me and to all who know her of courage and optimism. Perfect wife, perfect mother, and perfectly beautiful, inside and out.

The following people have made generous contributions to charities in return for having their name used as a character in this novel:  Nikola Andersson-East End Hospice; Scott Kalish-Boys & Girls Club of Oyster Bay-East Norwich; Howard Fensterman-Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation; Dean Hampton-Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights.
I hope they all enjoy their fictitious alter egos and that they continue their good work for worthy causes.

(Radiant Angel, Nelson DeMille)


Cathedral, The Talbot Odyssey, Word Of Honor, The Charm School, The Gold Coast, The General’s Daughter, Spencerville, Plum Island, The Lion’s Game, Up Country, Night Fall, Wild Fire, The Gate House, and The Lion. He also co-authored Maydaywith Thomas Block.

DeMille is one of those authors who has made a ton of movie option deals, only to see most of them languish in development hell. The John Travolta-starrer The General’s Daughter was the one big feature (the 1999 film grossed $143 million worldwide). His books Mayday and Word Of Honor were turned into telepics. IPG’s Joel Gotler continues to rep DeMille for features.  

Sony Pictures has rights to his most venerable series character, the NYPD detective-turned-Anti-Terrorist Task Force agent John Corey, who is the subject of his next novel, The Panther, which Grand Central Publishing releases October 16th. What I’m saying is, there is movie opportunity here for those eminently make-able backlist titles like The Gold Coast, a Sopranos-esque drama that takes place on the North Shore of Long Island. DeMille’s a good writer, though I must admit that the treatment of women in some of his books — The General’s Daughter and Spencerville are two that come to mind — left me a bit cold.