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December 5, 2016. About Me.  I could not remember if someone (who has asked me to not mention his name or anything about him) and I went to his cousin Allison’s wedding reception aboard the Spirit of New York in 1993 before I was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, or after.  I think it must have been after because I was hospitalized in the Spring of 1993, a few days before the annual Penn Relays.  Allison’s wedding reception was in the summer.  She died two years ago.  From my perspective Allison was a young woman, approximately 45 years old.  Though I did not see her often I know Allison was a very fine person.

I hesitate to document this information because last week a few days after I wrote that someone and our grandson posed for a picture with our grandson holding up an empty wallet which reminded me of Capital One “What’s in your wallet?” advertisement, he was robbed—someone stole his wallet.  I thought to myself, What a coincidence.  I’ve not spoken with our grandson.  I do not yet know what additional misfortune has befallen our grandson.

Life. It’s a totally different beast.

Life imprisonment (also known as a life sentence, lifelong incarceration, or life incarceration) is any sentence of imprisonment for a crime under which convicted persons are to remain in prison for the rest of their lives or until paroled. Crimes for which a person could receive this sentence include murder, attempted murder, severe child abuse, rape, espionage, high treason, drug dealing, human trafficking, severe cases of fraud, aggravated criminal damage in English law, and aggravated cases of arson, burglary, or robbery which result in death or grievous bodily harm and in certain cases genocide, crimes against humanity, or certain war crimes.

December 5, 2016. About Me.  I cannot post a picture of Ms. Hercule’s granddaughter’s jacket (because Mormon computer gremlins wiseguys are illegally preventing my phone pictures from uploading to my compuger and to Google).  Her jacket was similar to these two jackets except that her jacket had one word only, the word beast, symbolizing the symbolic “wild beast” in the book of Revelation:

Murder One is an American legal drama television series that first aired on the ABC network in the United States in 1995. The series was created by Steven BochcoCharles H. Eglee, and Channing Gibson.

December 5, 2016. About me, continued.  To this day I do not know if somebody laced, with some sort of mind-altering substance, the cup of coffee that I drank at a special AA meeting that was held at the Catholic church on Lemoine Avenue (Fort Lee, New Jersey) a few doors from The Atrium which is where we lived (there’s a fork in the road right at The Atrium, Palisades Avenue and Lemoine Avenue).

At the regularly scheduled meeting when I was invited to attend another meeting the following night where each attendee would be sharing their stories, I should have been suspicious because I knew enough about AA to know, or I should have known, to hold an unscheduled meeting is very unusual.  I wasn’t thinking clearly.  I was desperate.  I wanted all the help I could get.  When I went to the meeting the priest (I assume who gave permission for the unscheduled AA meeting) stood in the hallway staring at me.  I was used to being stared at, people forming their own opinions about what they had been told (by federal agents) about me.  (What hurt most was when Milton Henschel stared at me, not an inquiring expression but an expression of condemnation.  Whatever he was told about me, he believed wholeheartedly; he did not give me even the slightest benefit of the doubt.  And that’s one of the reasons I later knew, he had proven to be a false brother.  That was almost ten years earlier, the evening of the Memorial, the year the Memorial for Jersey City East, South and West congregations was held at Lincoln High School and Milton Henschel gave the talk.)

After seeing for the first time the superscript about David disguising his sanity before Abimelech, I wrote at my website that I faked my nervous breakdown because I was so tired of the scabs in my head (from needle-injected headaches) and the noise in the heating system that exacerbated the extremely painful headaches (I went to a neurologist), and the constant buzzing noise in my work area and the extremely loud noise from the copy machine next door.  I don’t know why I write that lie.”

I have a lot of information to post, but not much energy.  Low energy, but I’m not harried as I used to be.


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Any attempt to accuse me of being a traitor or involved in any anti-American activity, will backfire.  Furthermore, I will not rant nor will I attempt to convince anyone about the fact that that, NOTHING can prevent the impending stock market crash.  It does not matter how sky high the stock market continues to climb. This is what matters: The stock market is going to crash, worldwide.
(The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)
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