Rest Assured

[This is not the original cover of the 1931 convention program of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Columbus, Ohio (where Jehovah God made it known that His people are to be known by His name, Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Isaiah 43:10) Why, at Revelation 1:5, is Jesus Christ referred to as “the faithful Witness”? Why does God, the true God, have witnesses?? It has to do with a LEGAL CASE, the LEGAL CASE):
(Excerpt from information discussed at meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide this week of November 28th 2016, the third chapter, Jehovah Reveals His Purpose, in a book titled God’s Kingdom Rules!,
my room is across from the second door past the stairwell door, 11th floor, YWCA Brooklyn; photo: 2015 or 2015michaelscafuto-alexcheney

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Top Celebrity Scandals of 2016
(AOL News, November 30, 2016, )
Alabama tornado slams church and daycare, kills 3

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Alabama tornado slams church and daycare, kills 3
At least three people died, and three others were injured after a tornado ‘completely destroyed’ northeastern Alabama early Wednesday.
Tornado watch issued for several states

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(AOL News, November 30, 2016, )


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Vector tour bus, Third Avenue, Brooklyn, summer 2016

To Thomas Monson, Dick Cheney, Robert Gates, Stephen Hadley, Michael Hayden, Dallin Oaks, Orrin Hatch, Lowell McAdam, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Ronald Rasband and the rest of the Mormon Danite Avenging Angels:  Rest assured, you guys are going to be exposed, and any attempt to implicate me or any member of my family in your/CIA’s Al Shabab or your/CIA’s ISIS, is going to backfire.