This is Painful

November 17, 2016.  About Me.    As painful as it is emotionally, I must accept the fact that most probably in a short time I will soon be dead.

I’m not so sure I’ll be able to be sitting in the Kingdom Hall in Warwick, New York on Nisan 14, 2017 after all, such a disappointment!

The way my left breast is paining me, I will probably be dead by next Spring.  The pain is almost unbearable.  If the pain increases, I will have to go to a doctor, and undoubtedly the doctor will tell me I must go to a hospital, for an operation, and no doubt my death will be instant, right after or during the operation, similar to Yvettte Beauford and Spencer Thomas, or a month or two later, similar to Gwen Ifill.

My left breast hurts.  A lot.  I am in pain.  And it is very unlikely that the pain will subside.

Obviously I am mistaken when I write that, I will still be writing and posting information when the LEGAL CASE reaches its destination, The Hague. Obviously I am mistaken about everything.
Obviously, there is no LEGAL CASE.