Fighting Back – “Broken Cops”

I hanged myself in our backyard
(Wollongong, Australia, November 11, 2016, )

[The above information and all of the following information is interconnected; directly connected to the Mormon church’s illegal sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me.  The illegal sting operation that encompasses every human being on earth, and has resulted in the LEGAL CASE, unlike any other, everThe LEGAL CASE, headed to The Hague.  cc all Mormon attorneys]

G’Day From Bushwick

Square Feet

The backyard of a rowhouse in Bushwick, Brooklyn. An Australian fund purchased the home and it was being renovated for rental. Credit Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

Standing in the dining room of the early 1900s-era brick rowhouse, deep in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn with not a frozen yogurt shop or Starbucks to be found, Alan Dixon, an investor from Australia, struggled to tally the houses he had bought in the area over the last year.

“What, 70? 72?” he asked, raising his eyebrows in question at a group of investors, contractors and designers standing nearby. A dozen construction workers scurried around, fastening plasterboard to walls and laying tile on floors, readying the four-bedroom house that the group purchased in June for $635,000 for leasing in less than two weeks’ time for as much as $5,490 a month.

Finally, someone locates the number on a piece of paper — 70, later corrected to 71. “That sounds right. Something like that,” Mr. Dixon said with a laugh, tugging on the cuff of the pink shirt he wore under his gray suit jacket.

It’s easy to understand why it might be difficult for Mr. Dixon to keep track. In just two years, the investment fund he oversees for Australian investors and retirees has purchased more than 538 homes, townhouses and brownstones from Jersey City to Queens and Brooklyn.

(The New York Times,, emphasis added)

FOR THE RECORD.  There are three Assembly Halls of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area: one in Jersey City, one in Queens, and one in Brooklyn.  cc all
Hangman’s Noose
 Hangman's Noose
Symbol Type General Racist Symbol
Symbol Description A depiction of a hangman’s noose, or of a hanging.
Also Known As N/A
Traditional Use/Origins The noose has been used as a threatening symbol in a variety of contexts.
Hate Group/Extremist Organization White supremacists.
Extremist Meaning or Representation See below.
Background/History The hangman’s noose has come to be one of the most powerful visual symbols directed against African-Americans, comparable in the emotions that it evokes to that of the swastika for Jews. Its origins are connected to the history of lynching in America, particularly in the South after the Civil War, when violence or threat of violence replaced slavery as one of the main forms of social control that whites used on African-Americans. The noose quickly became associated with the first Ku Klux Klan. In the early twentieth century, when the rise of the second Ku Klux Klan coincided with the height of lynching incidents (most of the victims of which were African-American), the noose became cemented as a key hate symbol targeting African-Americans. The noose may appear as a drawing or rendering, but also quite common is the use of actual nooses to intimidate or harass African-Americans-for example, by leaving one at someone’s home or at their workplace.



[The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah] of his wife and rushed to his aid.

He was resuscitated and taken to Wollongong Hospital.
He was placed in an induced coma for four days, then brought back to life with a second chance.
The former detective senior constable had been medically discharged form the NSW Police Force a year earlier, diagnosed with chronic post traumatic stress disorder.
His psychiatric injury was the result of fifteen years of exposure to traumatic scenes.
Today Mr Bullock needs medication to keep his PTSD and major depressive disorder at bay – simply to function in every day life.
I have lost my marriage, I am dependent on medications to keep me from returning to the midst of total despair and reminded every day of traumas linked to my occupation as a NSW police officer
– Brendon Bullock
And with his anniversary of that dreadful day in his backyard looming, he is trying to put aside his own pain to help others.
“I have lost my marriage, I am dependent on medications to keep me from returning to the midst of total despair and reminded every day of traumas linked to my occupation as a NSW police officer,’’ Mr Bullock said.
“The hardest thing I live with to this day is my ‘survivor guilt’.
“Having to accept responsibility for my regrettable attempt at suicide and the impact that has had on my family, friends and children.
“The anniversary is on Monday. Past anniversaries have been extremely tough and I expect this upcoming one to be no different.’’
Mr Bullock is using his struggle to advocate for change.
He wants governments and insurance companies to be held accountable and to start supporting damaged service men and women.
“Police forces, governments around Australia and Insurance companies must stand to account and recognise that PTSD is a real and immanent threat that can and will continue to lead to police suicide,’’ he said.
Support is available for anyone who may be distressed by phoning Lifeline 13 11 14; Mensline 1300 789 978; Kids Helpline 1800 551 800.
Mr Bullock, a former NSW Police senior constable, gave evidence at this week’s hearing into the NSW Compensation scheme. He joined other police officers, firefighters, laywers and various stakeholders making submissions at Parliament House in Sydney.
Mr Bullock said that from the time he lodged his claim in 2012 he was subjected to continual pressure from case managers urging him to take part in interviews with private investigators.
He was repeatedly questioned over the cause and nature of his psychiatric injury – despite providing a lengthy statement outlining my experience. ‘’I was continually told that if I did not comply my claim would be declined,’’ he said.
‘’I was subjected to intrusive and relentless physical surveillance by private investigators contracted by EML,’’ he said.
‘’I was subjected to desktop surveillance by private investigation companies on behalf of EML.’’
Mr Bullock also believes the EML-appointed psychiatrists were chosen because of the ‘’favourable medico legal reports they provide to insurers’’ – in other words ‘’cash for comment’’ doctors.

The Mercury contacted EML for comment over the matter.

(Illawarra [Australia] Mercury, November 11, 2016, )

They claim to be as American as apple pie, but they are this nation’s deadly brotherhood–hate groups that package their alienation against the federal government under such names as the Aryan Nations, Christian Identity, and other white supremacist militias. They spout anti-black, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi rhetoric, and their grievances have festered into full-blown paranoia. They are poised to disrupt America’s major cities via thievery, assassination, and bombs. This is the chilling inside story about the most heinous domestic terror groups in American history.

For the Record. Prominent wealthy powerful Republicans, and Prominent wealthy powerful Democrats, are leaders of the Brotherhood. And not only that, also, the wrath of Jehovah God is upon the Mormon church of Satan. 

Aryan Nations is a white supremacist[1] (self described White Christian Separatist) religious organization originally based in Hayden, IdahoRichard Girnt Butler founded the group in the 1970s, as an arm of the Christian Identity organization Church of Jesus Christ–Christian. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has called Aryan Nations a “terrorist threat”,[2] and the RAND Corporation has called it the “first truly nationwide terrorist network” in the United States.[3]
FOR THE RECORD.  The Mormon church is NOT the church of Jesus Christ. The Mormon church Jesus Christ is counterfeit, an impostor, Satan in disguise!  The Mormon church is the number one ENEMY of Jesus Christ.  The Book of Mormon is the number one enemy of God’s Word the Holy Bible.  The wrath of Jehovah is upon the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon attorneys