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BRENT BROWN [Salt Lake City, Utah] …

Katy Perry – Here’s My Final Push For Hillary…. Too Bad, Mom & Dad (VIDEO)



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November 9, 2016.  About Me.  I hadn’t heard from my grandson Wesley for approximately two weeks. His mother, who has asked me to not mention her name or anything about her, met his father when she was a cashier at the checkout line, in Kroger Supermarket; he was employed in the produce department.  I am glad my daughter did not have an abortion.  Wesley telephoned me, coincidentally, last night, election night.  I did not know he had telephoned me because I was not in my room when he telephoned me; I did not carry my cell phone with me when I went to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Greenpoint.  Wesley and I spoke today.   I continue to warn Mormon scriptwriters, whatever they’re plotting to execute starring Wesley, it’s going to backfire. cc all Mormon attorneys

In an earnest new get-out-the-vote video, Beyoncé, Jay Z and Chance the Rapper each speak to the importance of participating in the political process — and the personal reasons that make them invested in this election, overlaid with footage from their recent concert in support of Hillary Clinton, held Friday in Cleveland.
“For so long our voice wasn’t part of the process,” Jay Z says in a backstage interview, speaking directly to rally the black community to the polls. Chance mentions his commitment to his girlfriend and daughter as the reason he cares about the election this year, and others relate the importance of being heard — and the history being made by Clinton as a woman.
“So many people fought for these rights, so many people lost their lives for us to even have the opportunity to vote. I think we owe it to them. It’s a major disservice if we don’t get out and let our voice be heard,” Jay Z adds.
The video also shows Beyoncé backstage with Blue Ivy and embracing Clinton as she walks onto the stage at the concert, while Jay Z introduces her as the “next President.”
“She’s running this battle right now, she’s killing this race. But she needs all of our help as American citizens to go out on Nov. 8 and cast our vote,” Chance reminds the crowd.
Whether Clinton wins or not, it would appear she has the “Beyoncé voters” in the bag.

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(Mormon Church of Satan, November 9,2016, )

Track Listing

1. “Good Ass Intro” …
2. “Pusha Man / Paranoia” …
3. “Cocoa Butter Kisses” …
4. “Juice”  …
5. “Lost” …
6. “Everybody’s Something” …
7. “Interlude (That’s Love)”  …
8. “Favorite Song” …
9. “NaNa” …
10. “Smoke Again” …
11. “Acid Rain” …
12. “Chain Smoker”  …
13. “Everything’s Good (Good Ass Outro)” …

[Chance the Rapper “angel” (at the top of the page) should have posted here:]

BRENT BROWN [Salt Lake City, Utah]

7 … JZ
Mr Porter [military jacket]


Flushing Local and Express
7 symbol7 symbol
New R-188 Trains (14581509758).jpg

A train made up of R188 cars in 7 service entering Queensboro Plaza, bound for Flushing–Main Street
The 7 Flushing Local and <7> Flushing Express are two rapid transit services in the A Division of the New York City Subway, providing local and express services along the full length of the IRT Flushing Line. Its route emblem, or “bullet”, is colored raspberry, with local service denoted by a (7) (within a circular bullet) and express service by a <7> (within a diamond-shaped bullet).[1] Both services operate between Main Street in Flushing, Queens and 34th Street–Hudson Yards in Chelsea, Manhattan. [emphasis added]

A train made of R32 cars in J service at Marcy Avenue, bound for Jamaica Center.
The J Nassau Street Local/Express and Z Nassau Street Express[1] (earlier Jamaica Express and displayed as Jamaica Local/Express on the R160 cars) are two rapid transit services in the B Division of the New York City Subway. Their route emblems, or “bullets”, are colored terra cotta brown since they use the BMT Nassau Street Line in Lower Manhattan.[2] The J operates at all times while the Z, operating internally as a rush-hour variant of the J,[3] operates six trips in the peak direction on weekdays; both services use the entire BMT Archer Avenue, Jamaica, and Nassau Street lines between Jamaica Center–Parsons/Archer in Jamaica, Queens and Broad Street in Lower Manhattan (via the Williamsburg Bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan). On weekdays, trains run express in the peak direction in Brooklyn between Myrtle Avenue and Marcy Avenue, bypassing three stations. During rush hours also in the peak direction, the J and Z form a skip-stop pair between Sutphin Boulevard–Archer Avenue–JFK Airport and Myrtle Avenue. At all other times, the J serves every station on its entire route.

To Mormon Church of Satan.  I took a picture of the white male CIA or FBI agent who was part of the orchestrated skit in the subway car that I rode in on my way from the Kingdom Hall at 1971 Driggs Avenue in Greenpoint.  (I did not know that the Polish congregation now meets at the Kingdom Hall at 10  Ten Eyck Street.)  I’m talking about the white male CIA or FBI agent whom the black male, a homeless man, sat next to and began singing Under the Boardwalk by The Drifters, stopping his singing once to comment about a pretty lady, me.  I was mentally prepared that he would also sing Up On the Roof, but he didn’t.  I will post the picture as soon as I can copy pictures from my camera memory card to my computer.  I will post the latest updates about Dylann Storm Roof, when I come back from my driving lesson.

Whatever subway car or platform coincidental alignment you have planned for me while on my way to and from my driving lesson today, it’s going to backfire, GUARANTEED.

(The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)

cc all Mormon attorneys

[Magnificent coloring? Redface Blueface: Primary scapegoat, if the Mormon Church of Satan succeeds in executing their planned nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River:]


[Magnificent coloring? Redface Blueface Greenface Brownface:] painting-oscarpeterson
Oscar Peterson
(This painting is no longer displayed on wall in lobby alcove, YWCA Brooklyn)