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Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP[3] is an international law firm headquartered in New York City, employing over 900 attorneys in eleven offices worldwide.[4] The firm specializes in a variety of areas in both litigation and corporate practices, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions. It is among the most profitable large law firms in the world on a per-partner basis according to the American Lawyer’sannual AmLaw 100 Survey.[5] Simpson Thacher had a gross revenue of approximately $1.25 billion in 2014 with an estimated profits per partner of $3,485,000.[5]

The firm has relationships with private equity firms Blackstone GroupKohlberg Kravis RobertsHellman & Friedman and Silver Lake Partners, and it has longstanding ties to JPMorgan ChaseBank of America, and the United States Department of the Treasury.[6]Other notable clients include the Alibaba Group,[7][8] Goldman Sachs,[9] Toronto-Dominion Bank,[10] Microsoft,[11] Tesla Motors,[12]Sirius Satellite Radio,[13] Google[14] and Facebook.[15] The firm has represented the buyer in the five largest completed buyouts in history.[16]

The firm is also consistently deemed by a number of rankings and surveys as one of the most prestigious law firms in the nation, including AboveTheLaw,[17] Vault 100,[18] and Forbes.[19]

Bartlett pear, from The Pears of New York (1921) by Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick

Bartlett Dairy truck, Atlantic Avenue between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn;  2015 or 2016.  (That side of the street is mostly Muslim merchants, and the USPS post office with the “New Beauty School” on the second floor.)

Business People Superhero Confidence Team Work Concept
Business team work
Business team work building a puzzle isolated over a white background.

Pieces of a puzzle

Group of business people standing on the pieces of a puzzle – over a white background.
Puzzle pieces
20 pieces puzzle, complete and individual pieces,colored and black and white version.Isolated on white background.

Questions puzzle

Puzzle pieces filled with questions to be clarified.
Four seasons

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle is a 2000 American live-action/animated adventure comedy film produced by Universal Pictures, based on the televisioncartoon The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show by Jay Ward. The animated characters Rocky and Bullwinkle shared the screen with live actors portraying Fearless Leader(Robert De Niro), Boris Badenov (Jason Alexander), Natasha Fatale (Rene Russo). The film also featured supporting roles done by Piper PeraboRandy QuaidKel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson.[1] June Foray reprised her role as Rocky, whilst Keith Scott voices Bullwinkle and the film’s narrator.

Charles Moose.jpg

Moose during his tenure as the chief of the Montgomery County Department of Police.
Born 1953 (age 62–63)
New York City, New York, U.S.
Relatives Sandy Moose (wife)
Charles Alexander Moose (born 1953) is an American author and former police officer. He is best known for his role as being the primary official in charge of the efforts to apprehend the D.C. snipers in October 2002. During his law enforcement career, Moose served as the chief of police for Montgomery County, Maryland, and Portland, Oregon.
The pears that started it all. Our founders, Harry and David, called these pears “so big and juicy, you eat them with a spoon®.” That was 80 years ago, when the brothers started selling Southern Oregon-grown Royal Riviera® Pears as gourmet gifts. … [emphasis added]

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Questions puzzle
20 pieces puzzle, complete and individual pieces,colored and black and white version.Isolated on white background.
Business Superheroes on the Beach
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Business Superheroes Winter Snow Rescue Concept.
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UPS unveils ‘What can brown do for you?’ ad campaign
Feb 7, 2002, 3:45pm EST Updated Feb 7, 2002, 3:45pm EST

UPS operates its largest package-handling hub at the Louisville International Airport and is the parent of Louisville-based UPS Airlines.
Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) has launched the largest and most aggressive television and print advertising campaign in its 95-year history.
“What can brown do for you?” — only the fifth tagline in the company’s history — represents continuity across the UPS brand as it extends its capabilities into logistics, freight forwarding, customs clearance, technology and finance, according to a news release from the shipping giant that is the Louisville-area’s largest employer.
“At UPS, brown is more than a color — it’s a tangible asset that people associate with all the things that are good about our brand,” said Dale Hayes, vice president for brand management and customer communications, in a news release. “This campaign extends that association to the scope of new, and perhaps lesser known, capabilities we offer the marketplace.”

UPS operates its largest package-handling hub at the Louisville International Airport and is the parent of Louisville-based UPS Airlines.
Business People Success Achievement City Concept
Business People Success Achievement City Concept., June 6, 2011


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[one pure white Mormon, three black terrorists, one blood-soaked curtain:]
States of Grace (also known as God’s Army 2: States of Grace) is a 2005 drama film by Richard Dutcher which tells the story of two Mormon missionaries in Santa Monica, California. It is a sequel to Dutcher’s God’s Army.


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