FOR THE RECORD, THE LEGAL CASE.  Last Thursday evening before the meeting (Brooklyn Heights congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses) CIA Mormon Richard Clark stood at the back of the auditorium, near where I was sitting, and placed his right hand on his belt. He kept his hand on his belt while talking to someone else (I cannot remember exactly who, and stupid me, I failed to take a picture), if I am not mistaken, he was talking to CIA or FBI agent Jacques Powell.

CIA Mormon Richard Clark’s hand wasn’t on his belt cowboy style; he didn’t have his thumb in his belt, rather, his hand was on his belt as though he was modeling a belt, bringing the belt to any viewers’ attention.  In the southern states a belt, when used to punish, is called a strap.   It was not for anyone in the auditorium, CIA Mormon Richard Clark’s hand on his belt, it was for the videocamera, a prelude to CIA Mormon Danette Michelle Rowan’s comment about “strapping” young men.   I don’t know if anybody else in the auditorium noticed CIA Mormon Richard Clark’s hand on his belt but I most certainly noticed.

An announcement was made that same night, Thursday, October 27, 2016  informing the congregation (Brooklyn Heights congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses) that there would be no meeting today, because of the Circuit Assembly yesterday.

It was a lie.

A trick.

There was no Circuit Assembly for Brooklyn Heights congregation yesterday.

I went to Brooklyn Heights congregation this morning.  Had I believed the lie, I would not have gone to Brooklyn Heights congregation this morning, and I would have missed hearing CIA Danette Michelle Rowan’s comment.  (It was no surprise that she commented on paragraph 14.)

It was not at all surprising that CIA Mormon Danite Richard Clark called on CIA Mormon Danette Michelle Rowan to comment on the following picture during Watchtower study.

CIA Mormon Danette Michelle Rowan said “… two young strapping men …”

[note bananas (to be continued):]
Each one in the congregation can be a source of encouragement to others
(See paragraph 14)
(The Watchtower, September 2016, study article for today, October 30, 2016, titled “Do Not Let Your Hands Drop Down”, [Zephaniah 3:16], , some of the federal agents who’re pretending to be Jehovah’s Witnesses gave me permission to post this information. cc all Mormon attorneys)

[old woman, strapping young man:]
, Futures, October 30, 2016
cc ClA Mormon Danite Dale Rick Snyder, Governor, Michigan
cc all Mormon attorneys


WARNING: The following Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary definition is very vulgar:
(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary,

To the Mormon Church of Satan: You presumptuously think it’s in the bag but I’m here to tell you, it is NOT in the bag!

The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan. cc all Mormon attorneys

(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, )In 2000, Bell Atlantic merged with GTE, which operated telecommunications companies across most of the rest of the country that was not already in Bell Atlantic’s footprint. Bell Atlantic, the surviving company, changed its name to “Verizon”, a portmanteau of veritas (Latin for “truth”) and horizon.[9]
(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, )CIA Mormon Seth Hyatt did not attend the last meeting of the Brooklyn Heights congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and neither did CIA Mormon David Splane.

[All of the above information and the following information is interconnected; directly connected to the Mormon church’s illegal sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me.  The illegal sting operation that encompasses every human being on earth, and has resulted in the LEGAL CASE, unlike any other, ever.  The LEGAL CASE, headed to The Hague.  cc all Mormon attorneys]
As the Storm Approaches, Maintain Your Focus on Jesus!
(Matthew 14:22-34; Hebrews 12:2)
(Concluding talk, Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention 2015, worldwide)