To CIA Mormon David Splane, member of Jehovah’s Witnesses Governing Body, and CIA Mormon Phil Brumley, Attorney, Jehovah’s Witnesses Legal Department:  David, Phil, I need to know, who’s idea was it to showcase the CIA seal in the middle of the lobby floor, Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jersey City, New Jersey??  You needn’t tell me, not now, but you must make arrangements to have it removed. Really, I want the CIA seal removed from the Assembly Hall floor.  I know it’s going to take some time to convince whomever has the authority to remove it, but I want it removed, therefore, it must be removed.

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency.svg

CIA seal in the middle of the lobby floor, Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jersey City, New Jersey; photo: 2016David, Phil, this past summer, while KGB-CIA agent David Schafer was speaking, a small group of federal agents were gathered in the lobby near the CIA seal, watching him on the video monitor.  I thought I took a picture but I cannot find the picture.  This is another picture of KGB-CIA agent David Schafer:
KGB-CIA agent David Schafer, Albanian Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 2016David, Phil, also, this past summer, a group of federal agents/federal agent sidekicks, gathered in a semi-circle around the seal in the lobby, watching on the two way video monitor the last video, the video showing Ethan Bannister and his friend Nathan the roofer from Peru, and others, gathered on a beach, a beach maybe near Machu Picchu.


Chaos magic, also spelled chaos magick, is a postmodern magical tradition which emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief systems and the creation of new and unorthodox methods.[1]

Belief as a tool

Chaos magic theory says that belief is an active magical force. It emphasizes flexibility of belief and the ability to consciously choose one’s beliefs, hoping to apply belief as a tool rather than seeing it as a relatively unchanging part of one’s personality.[9] Various psychological techniques are employed in order to induce flexibility of belief.[10] Other chaos magicians suggest that people do not need belief to work magic.[11] Austin Osman Spare asserts in The Book of Pleasure and various other works that will formulates desire which promulgates belief.
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LG (“Life’s Good”, this is not a symbol/slogan true shepherds would display in a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses) Brooklyn Heights congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, October 2016
cc CIA Mormon David Splane, cc CIA Mormon Richard Clark et al





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(To be continued but not necessarily to your attention.)

In closing, let me just mention the fact that, I’m not kidding. I want the CIA seal removed from the Assembly Hall floor.
cc Courtyard by Marriott, cc J Reuben Clark Law Society, cc all Mormon law firms, cc all Mormon attorneys

Speaking of all Mormon law firms, I must post some information about Mizzen+Main, and I will but not tonight. I am feeling too sick, suffering too much from needle-injected flu and easy button laser beam pain in my head. As soon as I can I will post a list of Mormon Church of Satan law firms on Main Street (Salt Lake City, Utah), along with some other information.


FBI agent Tara Blair, FBI agent Annteta McCoy, I do not know the name of the woman wearing the Mizzen+Main shirt, Brooklyn Heights congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, September 2016



(truck, Willow Street, October 9th?, it was the day Santiago was outside sweeping the sidewalk)
To be continued