October 27, 2016. About Me. Yesterday I wrote that, rather than put off driving lessons because I don’t have much money, I would pay for driving lessons, and for the next two weeks or so, eat bread and cans of beans. The Mormon Church of Satan wasted no time responding.
Goya [can of black beans, etc.] http://www.marketwatch.com/, October 27, 2016[Note to the Mormon Church of Satan: Whatever you have plotted to happen to me here at YWCA Brooklyn, it’s going to backfire.  I do not attempt to convince you, I only warn you.  cc all Mormon attorneys!)

October 27,2016. About Me.  Every time I see pictures of this witch (Hillary Rodham Clinton) I cannot but wonder, if she’d decided to go back to Arkansas or Illinois (or Utah or wherever she came from) to campaign for the Senate on her road back to the White House, would John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., his wife and his sister-in-law, be alive today? Still, I grieve, and I wonder.   Are they three of the body bags, the bags of dead bodies surrounding the Clintons??  I cannot but wonder.


Larry Fitzgerald

October 27, 2016. About me, continued. I cannot post any more information, not right now. I must get dressed and go for a scheduled driving lesson.  I am really looking forward to renting a car and being there, Patterson Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, December 25, 2016 and I’m hoping CIA Mormon Phil Brumley will be there, too!