October 23, 2016.  About Me.  While the super technology laser beam wind howled outside yesterday morning, I suffered terribly from needle injected flu that got worse as the day went on.  When I came back from BAM (it is shocking, the changes at the Metropolitan Opera; for example, on screen some of the performers look like giants.  Agents of the Mormon Church of Satan control all the concert halls across the street from their temple at “Two Lincoln Square”.  cc all Mormon attorneys) I went grocery shopping at Stop and Shop.  The smell of fish was very strong in the hallway; someone was cooking fish in the kitchen.  (One of the paragraphs in the Watchtower study article for today is about Jesus miraculously gave Peter a hugh catch of fish and told him: “From now on you will be catching men alive.”  … Luke 5:1-11.).   I purchased ingredients to make chicken noodle soup but was too sick to do so.  I was freezing, my body was shivering.  While I laid down, under two blankets and wearing two turtlenecks and my electric heater on, and slept, the wind howled, it seemed even louder.  It is not a natural wind.  The first few years I lived here, there was never any sound of wind outside.  The wind is man-made wind, super technology wind, howling, a really eerie sound, spooky sounding wind, super technology wind sounding like Wuthering Heights wind. When the super technology wind howled even louder and sirens began blaring outside right before I turned the light off to go to bed for the night, I said out loud, as I sometimes say, “I am not impressed, I am not intimidated. Whatever happens in this room while I am asleep won’t stay in this room.  I am not joining the network!  Jehovah God forbids me from joining the network.  Jehovah God is my shepherd.”)  I woke up several times feeling easy button laser beam pressure on my bladder, amplified thumps next door, easy button laser beam snap crackle pop mostly on my wrists and neck, and easy button laser beam tinnitus ringing loudly in my ears.  I still don’t feel well but I feel better than I felt last evening and last night.  I will go to my meeting, Brooklyn Heights congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.   I sit alone I do not shake hands with anyone or hug anyone, so, I won’t be spreading my germs on anyone.)