Sue with a salmon

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(Warwick Hall, CIA Mormon Phil Brumley: Phil, I look forward to meeting you, not at Warwick Kingdom Hall, but at Patterson Kingdom Hall.  (You are in Patterson, are you not?)  I’ve grown quite a bit, matured, since attending the Conventions this past summer.  I no longer react to anyone profaning Jehovah’s house.  I am hoping, though, that I will be able to take some pictures.  I am really looking forward to visiting Patterson! And Wallkill and Warwick, many many many times!   Phil, you know how a bride anticipates her wedding day?  Well, in a way, that’s how much I anticipate being at the Warwick Kingdom Hall for the Memorial next year.  This following is a picture of V Sue Bromley, Athleta hair flip and “butterfly effect” jacket.  I  have no personal complaint against V Sue Bromley, I wish her no harm.
(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, )

(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, )


The Agency’s Center for Mission Diversity and Inclusion (CMDI) hosted the event and presented certificates of appreciation to Baeza and the Army Brass Quintet after the ceremony. CMDI is the Agency’s focal point on matters of workforce diversity and inclusion. Among several initiatives, throughout the year CMDI sponsors a variety of programs that are open to all employees which help the Agency attract, develop, engage, and retain employees with the critical skills, knowledge, cultural background, and abilities it needs to meet mission requirements.