I cannot find the picture of Barbara Cutler standing in the lobby a few feet from a police officer the morning another resident stabbed another resident, reportedly, 80 times.  How long ago in advance did Mormon Danites/Danettes know there would be a stabbing here at the YWCA Brooklyn?  My guess is, shortly after I moved here in November 2009.

Barbara Cutler is not the average YWCA resident.  There’s some kind of spookiness going on here at YWCA Brooklyn, some kind of witchcraft/warcraft Nauvoodoo, and Barbara Cutler is right in the midst of it.

This is a picture of Barbara Cutler:

Barbara Cutler, the resident who roams the hallway carrying in her hands a bar of pink soap in a pink soap dish. She’s sticking out her tongue at me.


stabbing at a YWCA

Regina Zimmerman, 41, has lived here since March.
re the victim:
“I know of her. I’ve seen her around. I saw her outside. A few times. Tall dark skin, dark glasses. If odd is picking up cigarette butts and talking to yourself, then she was odd. I never saw that woman with anybody, actually.”



Dorothy Curry has been charged with murder for the gruesome stabbing at this Brooklyn YWCA.     (KEVIN C. DOWNS/FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)


Monday, May 30, 2016, 11:26 PM

A twisted woman who barged into a fellow resident’s room at a Brooklyn YWCA and fatally stabbed her up to 80 times has been formally charged, police said Monday.

Dorothy Curry, 55, had been under observation at Kings County Hospital since Saturday after she allegedly stabbed Liza Millet, 48, in the residence for low-income and homeless women on Third Ave. near Atlantic Ave. in Boerum Hill.

Curry will not be arraigned immediately because she has been placed under an additional 72-hour hold for psychiatric observation, officials said.
The mayhem began about 6:30 a.m. on Saturday when Curry entered Millet’s room and attacked her with a kitchen knife, cops and residents said.
YWCA victim opened the door for her killer
Millet was stabbed dozens of times in the back, chest and arms, cops said. “There was a lot of blood,” one police source said Saturday.
Curry was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.


… a happy belly …

ig Belly garbage disposal, Performance food truck, Adams Street at Joralemon Street, downtown Brooklyn, October 29, 2016


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[FOR THE RECORD. All YWCA residents, employees and tenants are plaintiffs in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, American Express, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan, whether they think I’m crazy of not whether they want to be plaintiffs or not. (Thogh of course, nobody is forced to be a plaintiff.)



FOR THE RECORD.   Mail addressed to Katherine Scott is often in my mailbox, here at YWCA Brooklyn. cc all Mormon attorneys

[Stabbing in a YWCA, continued)
“I don’t know why this happened really. basically they’re just saying she went on a rampage. it’s actually really upsetting because most of the women here get along very well. it’s very shocking. it’s very shocking. I can’t believe anything like this would happen in this building. it’s been very quiet.”
“Right now this whole thing is very dramatic. My son’s already heard about it in Indiana. This is breaking news in Indiana.”
“You can’t be in your right mind and stab a person 80 times.”

Katherine Scott has lived at this shelter for 25 years.
“evidently this woman was going around knocking on doors and whatever door that opened was just stabbed. the victim opened the door only to be greeted by a knife.”
“there was another woman who attempted to kill a security guard. she scared me. I had to move out. that was in 1991 I think.”
“lately they’ve been sending them from the homeless shelter, an they’re mentally disturbed as well.”
“so we have incidents like this happening. but this is the worst I ever seen.”

Elaine McNeil had lived at the shelter for over 20 years. “Oh no! That’s terrible. How could that happen with all this security? Bill de Blasio and Cuomo are all over that. What’s not working?”

A woman who had lived at the shelter for a few months but wouldn’t give her name for fear of losing her room.
“It had to be somebody who lives in the building. we have to sign in and out every time. they know every person who goes in and out. even the side door connects to the security. this really to be honest is one of the best shelters in New York City. even the food is better. there are always two or three security guards on duty. at the entry they search our stuff. and when we aren’t there they search our rooms. we’re not allowed to have sharp objects or other things in here. for the homeless residents here get weekly room checks. and we signed the contract that says they can do that. the security guards have to do security detail every 30 minutes, walking the floors, making sure the emergency exits work. the security guards are really good here. they’re better than the staff. some of the staff are DHS. there are also maintenance cleaners called wildcats, who have same kind of security authority and radios. every room has a phone with an extension to security. each of the 11 floors has a couple cameras to get all the angles.

Another resident who wouldn’t be identified choked back tears as she remember the victim. She lives on the 8th floor. earlier this morning
I went to go to bathroom and the police said I couldn’t go any farther. I know the young lady who was murdered was from Trinidad and she’d just came back from her country. she was hardworking in home healthcare and she was a fantastic cook. and that’s all I want to say. she cooked for me around Easter time. macaroni and cheese and everything. I called her Liza, liza Minnelli, but others called her Lisa.

She says perp name might be Dorothy. She always wore dark glasses, even in the dark, she wore all black.

Andrea B. has lived here five years. Only way she’s be identified.
“On my floor there’s a lounge. I don’t have a bathroom in my room. I have to go out to go to the bathroom. When I was going back to my room I heard a noise I saw her sitting in the dark in the lounge. Well there’s nothing in the lounge. I said are you alright? She said yeah I’m washing. Well the washing room is closed at midnight. I immediately called and said why is there someone ten to one who says they’re washing. Two days later, I go out to the bathroom. I hear a noise in the lounge again. That same person is sitting in the lounge in the dark. Again, she says she’s washing. Well I called security right away again, said why is someone think they’re doing the washing after four in the morning. In hindsight this is not the behavior of a person with it all there. When I have called for people who have not normal behavior, they write it off. When I call the police or EMS, they just treat us like we’re all crazy or poor or retarded. When it’s things like this have happened now maybe when we give calls about the mentally ill, they’ll take this seriously.”
“I know she turns tricks to pay the rent. I’ve seen her walking around the corner with a nice looking white man or walking into the deli with someone who buys her food.”
re the victim:
“she was from the West Indies. she was a very nice woman. I think she worked as a home health aid or something like that. I know she had a daughter who lived in the rockaways. we were just two Fridays ago laughing and talking in the kitchen. it’s just very sad.”
“there is a shelter program in here but neither of these people were a part of that.”

Mike Jones a veteran marine lives in the building.
“That woman had been walking around this place with all freedom. Walks around inside with sunglasses on, with untreated mental illness. No psychiatrist, in medicated. When this murder went down, where’s the staff, where’s the security guard, where’s the support network?”

A woman who wouldn’t be identified has lived here eight and a half years.
“I’ve been here right and a half years and I’m looking to get out. Most people that live here have issues. There’s nothing wrong with having issues. The problem is when they think they are ok. They think they’re fine but they’re not fine. And when people think they’re fine and they’re not, things happen. It’s been very difficult dealing with shelter clients.”

Naomi Braxton, 52, says she knew the perp. can’t confirm her last name. has lived here four years. knew Dorothy for three years. says she saw her last night.

“she never took off her glasses, for whatever reason. she came to my room last night. she always came to my room asking for cigarettes. I only had a couple so I gave her two. She gave me two dollars in change. When I woke up today, my neighbor said there was an incident, and she kept saying it was the lady with the dark glasses. you would never think something in her could trigger her to be that violent. that’s so many stabbings.”

“we rarely talked. I knew she had some kind job. she didn’t really talk a lot. but when he spoke you wouldn’t think she was capable of doing such a hideous thing. you can tell in some people in their language or behavior. but she didn’t show no symptoms that she could commit such a violent horrible act.”

“it’s kind of peculiar because she came on my room and spoke about the cigarettes. I can’t tell you it was particularly odd. but then she went back to the hallway. ”

“two days ago I went to the 8th floor to get a soda. I saw her I. the lounge. this was like three days ago. this was night it was dark. ”