Suspicious Activity

June 12, 2018, 10:30pm.  About Me.  While I was eating dinner, twice, haunted house creaky door sound next door, easy button laser beam shock in my body.  At approximately 10pm, I heard loud talking, a sound exacerbating the easy button laser beam pain in my head.  I thought the loud talking was coming from the kitchen but when I looked out of the window, the kitchen light was not on.  I opened my door, and I heard loud talking, so, I walked to where the loud taking from coming from: incredibly, room 1112.  What kind of super technology is this? I wondered, that I can hear a telephone conversation, not only next door in room 1114, but also in room 1112!  I knocked on the door and asked, “Could you please not talk so loud?”  A woman opened the door and I politely explained to her that I live in room 1115, and I can hear her conversation all the way in my room and I asked her if she could not talk so loud.  She said okay, and I thanked her.  Ten minutes or so later, I heard loud talking in the hall.  I opened the door.  One of the employees from Samaritan Village office was standing near my door, Gerry was in the hall, walking toward the main corridor, and the resident in room 1112 was in the hall.  The Samaritan Village employee was telling the woman in room 1112 that I’m not supposed to talk to her (or any Samaritan Village resident).  The woman in room 1112 looked at me and told me I’m not supposed to talk to her.  I closed my door, thought about calling the security desk, thought about leaving a message on Johnny’s or Merle’s or Carlita’s voice mail, and then I decided I would just write about it, and post what I write, this paragraph. These residents can do whatever they want to do, or rather, whatever they’re told to do, and I’m supposed to not talk about it, and not take any pictures!

More likely than not, though not so much here lately, whenever I go to the bathroom, Barbara Cutler is in the hall, or in the bathroom.  Barbara Cutler, T-Mobile No More Mr. Nice Guy Pink/Black, June 11, 2018

Barbara Cutler, carrying a Whole Foods shopping bag talking to a resident here who is a security guard, June 12, 2018.  Barbara Cutler is the resident who was coincidentally in the lobby the morning a police officer was standing at the security desk, the day of the 80 times stabbing

Barbara Cutler covering her face a few seconds after trying to snatch my phone out of my hands, June 12, 2018.  The bottom part of the painting, on the wall, represents blood.  (The artist told me her four painting panels represents the book of Revelation.)

Someone entering the building with three Trader Joe shopping bags while Barbara Cutler stood in the lobby holding one Whole Foods shopping bag (I did not take pictures last week of three people in Stop & Shop, each carrying two Whole Foods shopping bags).  This woman left the bags at the security desk, maybe.  I saw her when she walked out of the building (I was standing on the step at the entrance, waiting to see what vehicles would drive by) and she waved to somebody across the street (maybe there were police officers in the police car parked on the corner), a police car drove by on Atlantic Avenue, a Spectrum truck drove by here, Third Avenue.

I don’t know if Barbara Cutler’s Whole Foods shopping bag was put with the three Trader Joe shopping bags.  Barbara Cutler is headed to the bathroom.  (Why she did not use the bathroom a few minutes earlier on the 11th floor, I do not know.)  I do not know if the shopping bags have anything to do with a cleansing or purification.

I did not place this Jewish prayer book in the elevator vestibule, nor do I know who was told to or for what satanic hocus pocus witchcraft Nauvoodoo purpose, June 12, 2018

American Eagle Outfitters, Times Square, June 12, 2018

[tiger?], American Eagle Outfitters, June 12, 2018

American Eagle Outfitters, Times Square, June 12, 2018

Poland Springs water
After I took this picture I faced my camera to American Eagle gigantic billboard surveillance camera, showing the picture to whomever was on big brother monitor duty, then I turned and faced the Mormon Church of Satan’s gigantic billboard surveillance camera and I gave the two “thumbs up” hand sign, meant to be sarcastic (I acted crazy, I know; looking at those black children and those young black men, I was feeling extremely oppressed), and I did so again, later, after I made an important message from me announcement to theatergoers on line to see Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical and Donna Summers musical; I took two pictures

and I then, looking at the LOVE CONNECTION ARE YOU WITH US surveillance monitor camera, I raised my right hand in the “thumbs up” hand sign and then I stuck out my tongue . (I know it was very childish of me, to do such a thing as that, especially considering the fact that it probably looked like very suspicious activity.)