May 16, 2018, 9am. About Me. Yesterday I went to Staples, here in Brooklyn on Fourth Avenue at Third Street. I was told that my sign would be printed and laminated and ready for pick up in a few hours. At approximately 4pm I received a telephone call from Staples informing me that my laminated sign would not me ready until today, this afternoon. I telephoned Staples this morning, to ask what time could I pick up my sign. Staples employee informed me that the lamination machine is still broken and my sign had to be sent out for completion and would be ready for pickup tomorrow. I asked if the lamination machinery is broken in every Staples store. I will go to another Staples store and whatever Mormon Danites/Danettes contrive to prevent me from having a sign made (advertising CAROLINE-KENNEDY-2020.COM and ANNEFRANKLYSPEAKING.NET) in another Staples store, I will document, and post here at my website. cc all Mormon barristers!