Current: Cardiologist; Former: A Selfless Shepherd

[left to right: Ballard; Nelson, Cardiologist (thumb/index finger: “inch by inch it’s a cinch” hand sign); Bednar (colepsy, staring at you, if you’re a target); ?; Anderson]
(Newsweek, January 4, 2018,


[As an aside, the following matador rear-end pose (including the crease between his buttocks), and the following Tom and Jon pose is also a homosexual promotional but do 90 year old men still have sex, perverted or otherwise??]

Why Mark Hulbert believes DOW 25K only bring the bull market closer to a painful end
Why the ‘godfather’ of chart analysis says it’s hard to curb his stock-market enthusiasm
S&P eyes another historic record run, with U.S. jobs data on deck
(Market Watch, January 5, 2018,

Basketball >>Utah hangs with No. 14 Arizona, folds late > C1
President Thomas S. Monson is steadied by Jon Huntsman Sr.,as he tries to land a trout.
Fishing with a prophet: Adventures of Tom and Jon
Utah has to rein in ozone, feds say
Blizzard rolls up the East Coast
State prison the only part of S.L., Utah counties that isn’t booming
Lawmakers mourn senator’s son who melted hearts on Hill
(Salt Lake City, Utah, January 5, 2018,

A private prophet, a selfless shepherd
(The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah, January 4, 2018,

The Good Shepherd is a 2006 spy film produced and directed by Robert De Niro and starring Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and De Niro, with an extensive supporting cast. De Niro also produced it with James G. Robinson and Jane Rosenthal.

Although it is a fictional film loosely based on real events, it is advertised as telling the untold story of the birth of counter-intelligence in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The film’s main character, Edward Wilson (portrayed by Damon), is loosely based on James Jesus Angleton and Richard M. Bissell.
(The Good Shepherd,, emphasis added )

… Richard Bushman, the article notes that President Nelson “likes exactitude. He likes “good order” … Rhodes MICROWAVE Cinnamon Rolls …

The Shepherd … The Heart of the West Village
(Market Watch, September 2016,

January 5, 2018, 8:30am.  About Me.  I was employed as a keypunch operator at a company called Procom on 31st Street between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue when my relationship with Nat began, January 1971(I knew Nat from high school; I lived on Claremont Avenue and he lived around the corner on Yale Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey.  We were not boyfriend and girlfriend.  Richard and I quit high school to marry because I was pregnant; Nat went on to college.  In January 1971 a friend of mine, Mae English, told me Nat expressed interest in me, so, she had a gathering, he was there I was there.)  Procom office was on 31st Street near 8th Avenue across the street from Madison Square Garden. One of my co-workers told me Willis Reid owned the restaurant next door, on the corner.  Seventh Avenue was not yet known as “Fashion Avenue”.  Several years ago I saw a huge billboard on one of the buildings on 31st Street, an advertisement for a television show called “The Good Wife”, a show I’ve never seen.  It was year or two before YWCA Brooklyn began sponsoring a program called “The Good Dog”.   I took a picture of the billboard however because I have so many pictures I cannot easily find that particular picture.  In the year 1971, Madison Square Garden was not an entire block long and at that time Manufacturers Hanover Bank was where JPMorganChase bank is now and it is only in the last few years that Astoria Bank, the bank where I’ve a checking account since 1999, is on the corner of 31st Street at “Fashion Avenue,” across the street from Madison Square Garden/JPMorganChase/Penn Station (New Jersey Transit, Long Island Railroad, NYC subway).

Last year and the early part of this year I used to meet Nat, my second husband from whom I am now separated, for dinner on Sunday evenings.  A few times we went to Washington Square Diner in the West Village.  I had suggested diners because diners are less expensive than restaurants.

This is a picture of AOL search result  I took last year after we went to Washington Square Diner in the West Village; I thought the diner was Washington Diner; the comments are not mine nor do I know whose, though I am certain, not Nat’s.

… after watching a play in Brooklyn we stopped by west village before heading to penn station for our death march home. … Washington Square Diner offers the kind of food New Yorkers used to die for: …
(AOL search: washington diner west village, July 2016, I do not have URL)

May 11, 1945 German civilians are forced to walk past the bodies of 96 Jewish women murdered by German SS troops in a 500-kilometre (300 mi) death march from Helmbrecht to Volary.

This is a picture of Bing search, today, January 5, 2018:

Book now at Ditch Plains – West Village, explore menu, see photos and read 152 reviews “Tater totos, tacos, Montauk Mules, lobster rolls, lobster mac and …

The food, like the space, seems to hark back to the days before the average Manhattanite had a fairly refined palate. See the review of this Diner restaurant at 150 W …
(Bing search: “Washington diner west village, January 5, 2018, emphasis added, Mormon computer gremlins are illegally preventing me from posting URL; also, “Book now at Ditch Plains” is now deleted from this search results)

(Bing search results: “Washington diner”, January 5, 2018

(185th Annual General Conference talk summaries, photos (178 photos), Mormon church Deseret News, April 4, 2015, )

Look no further for your perfect home. [WEST VILLAGES]
(Australia Stock Exchange, January 5, 2018,,



Emma E. Booker Elementary School
2350 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Sarasota, Florida 34234
United States
Type Public
Motto “High expectations for all!”
Established 1989
Color(s) Purple and gold
Mascot Tornado

Emma E. Booker Elementary School is an elementary school in Sarasota, Florida, which opened in the fall of 1989. It is named for Emma E. Booker, an African-American educator who founded Sarasota County‘s first black school, Sarasota Grammar School, in 1910.


2001 visit from President Bush

The school received international attention following a visit by United States President George W. Bush on the morning of September 11, 2001. It was at the school that Bush learned of the second plane crashing into the World Trade Center, and where he made his first public comments about the September 11 attacks.

Report of attacks

President Bush leaves his Booker elementary classroom visit and enters his staff’s holding room as the television plays footage of the burning towers.[1]

The first plane crash at the World Trade Center happened about ten minutes before the president arrived at the school. A press pool photographer heard a radio message that White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer would be needed to answer questions about a “crash” and that there was a call on hold from Condoleezza Rice. Bush entered the second-grade classroom of Sandra Kay Daniels where he introduced the class to Education Secretary Rod Paige and shook hands with Mrs. Daniels. He and the teacher then sat down facing the seated students to read the children’s story, “The Pet Goat“.[2]

At about 9:05 a.m. White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card whispered into Bush’s ear, “A second plane has hit the second tower. America is under attack.” Bush appeared tense but remained seated for roughly seven minutes and continued to listen while the children read in unison through the story, sometimes repeating lines to meet Mrs. Daniels’s standards. The reading concluded with the phrase “more to come” and Bush asked the class, “What does that mean – ‘more to come’?” After a student replied, he praised the students’ reading skills and encouraged them to continue practicing, before he excused himself and left the room.[3]

According to Bill Sammon in Fighting Back: The War on Terrorism from Inside the White House, Ari Fleischer was in the back of the classroom holding a pad on which he had written, “Don’t say anything yet.”[4] Sammon contends that, although Bush was not wearing his glasses, he was able to read this message, and it went unnoticed by the media. Sammon further stated:

“Bush wondered whether he should excuse himself and retreat to the holding room, where he might be able to find out what the hell was going on. But what kind of message would that send—the president abruptly getting up and walking out on a bunch of inner-city second-graders at their moment in the national limelight?”[4]

Press conference

Bush was scheduled for a short press conference in the school library after spending about 20 minutes total in the classroom. This was delayed by several minutes. When Bush appeared, he announced, “This is a difficult moment for America”, and instead of the planned topic, addressed the country for several minutes about the plane crashes and the government’s immediate response. He then left the school for Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.[5]


Bush’s critics, notably Michael Moore in his film Fahrenheit 9/11, have argued that the fact that Bush continued reading the book after being notified that the attack was ongoing shows that he was indecisive.[6] A 9/11 Commission Staff Report entitled Improvising a Homeland Defense said: “The President felt he should project strength and calm until he could better understand what was happening.”[7]

A week later, Bush wrote to the school’s principal, apologizing for not being able to stay longer.[8][9][10]

Osama bin Laden made reference to the story in an unauthenticated videotaped speech released just prior to the 2004 U.S. presidential election, stating that Bush’s reading of the book had given the hijackers more than enough time to carry out the attacks. His full quote was:

“But because it seemed to him that occupying himself by talking to the little girl about the goat and its butting was more important than occupying himself with the planes and their butting of the skyscrapers, we were given three times the period required to execute the operations – all praise is due to Allah.”[11]

In the years following the incident, faculty and students of the school have come to the defense of Bush’s actions. Principal Gwendolyn Tose-Rigell, who died in 2007, stated, “I don’t think anyone could have handled it better. What would it have served if [Bush] had jumped out of his chair and ran out of the room?”

Asked about the incident for Time shortly after bin Laden’s death, the teenage students, as of 2011 in the classroom, Lazaro Dubrocq and Mariah Williams, credited Bush with keeping the classroom calm by finishing the story.[12] “I don’t remember the story we were reading — was it about pigs?” says Williams, 16.[when?] “But I’ll always remember watching his face turn red. He got really serious all of a sudden. But I was clueless. I was just seven. I’m just glad he didn’t get up and leave because then I would have been more scared and confused.” Chantal Guerrero, 16, agreed: even today she’s grateful that Bush regained his composure and stayed with the students until “The Pet Goat” was finished. “I think the President was trying to keep us from finding out”, said Guerrero, “so we all wouldn’t freak out.”[13][14]

The Texas School Book Depository, now known as the Dallas County Administration Building, is a seven-floor building facing Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, United States. The building is most notable as the vantage point of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. An employee, Lee Harvey Oswald, shot and killed Kennedy from a sixth floor window on the building’s southeastern corner. The structure is a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark. It is located at 411 Elm Street on the northwest corner of Elm and North Houston Streets, at the western end of downtown Dallas.

Cory Anthony Booker (born April 27, 1969) is an American politician and the junior United States Senator from New Jersey, in office since 2013. Previously he served as mayor of Newark from 2006 to 2013.

He attended Stanford University, where he played college football and received a Bachelor of Arts in political science and a Master of Arts in sociology, before earning a Rhodes Scholarship to attend the University of Oxford. Upon returning home, he earned his Juris Doctor from Yale Law School.

CIA Mormon Andrew Card is not a cardiologist, he’s a politician:

(Dallas Morning News, Texas, January 5, 2018,

January 5, 2018, 12noon.  About Me.  I feel extremely discouraged.  It is so very obvious that the stock market is never going to crash, worldwide, not even nationwide.  It is so very obvious that there is no way possible that Caroline Kennedy will be elected U.S. Senator, New York, this year, and President, in the year 2020.  It is so very obviously that I am completely delusional, utterly insane.  I feel extremely depressed.  I feel that I cannot continue to do this crazy woman work that I do and yet I cannot stop.

Deseret News is no longer Deseret Morning News, it is now Deseret News.  The U.S. government never accepted the name Deseret, and yet, the Mormon Church of Satan continues to refer to Utah as “Deseret”.

The State of Deseret (/ˌdɛzəˈrɛt/ (About this sound listen)[1]) was a provisional state of the United States, proposed in 1849 by settlers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) in Salt Lake City. The provisional state existed for slightly over two years and was never recognized by the United States government. The name derives from the word for “honeybee” in the Book of Mormon.

The name “Deseret” is part of the reminder to Mormons about their oath of vengeance upon this nation.

Type of site
Online publication featuring articles covering contemporary Mormon culture and current events
Available in English
Created by The Deseret News
Alexa rank 5,925,287 (August 2012[update])[27]
Current status Active

[note Chevrolet’s logo: Christendom’s “holy” cross]
(U.S.-U.K.-Australia Silent Anglo Aryan American Revolution, URL: ?)


No matter how many people think otherwise, Jehovah’s Witnesses really is God’s visible organization.
The wrath of Jehovah God really is upon the Mormon Church of Satan, no matter how many people think otherwise.
The stock market really is going to crash, worldwide, no matter how many people think otherwise.
No matter how many people think otherwise, Caroline Kennedy will be elected President in the year 2020; Jim Turner of Texas will be elected Vice President; Robert Kennedy Jr. will be nominated and confirmed U.S. Attorney General; Robert Mueller will be nominated and confirmed Director of the FBI.
No power on earth has the power to prevent this prophetic message that I write from becoming reality, not even these four people themselves.  I write under inspiration from and with authority from, God, the true God, Jehovah.  cc all Mormon barristers

Mayor Warren Wilhelm aka Bill de Blasio is the clean-up man, if the Mormon Church of Satan/CIA succeed in their planned nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River.  His administration is already prepared to hold tribunals and immediately execute some of the “troublemakers” (30,000 bananas; nationwide: 30,000 guillotines, to be continued)

Partial List of Scapegoats, if the Mormon Church of Satan/CIA succeed in their nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River:

Former President Barack “Hussein” Obama
Former Advisor to the President, Valerie “June” Jarrett
Former Homeland Security Director “Jeh” Johnson
Newark Mayor Ras Baraka
Minnesota Congressman FBI agent Keith “Ellison”
New York Congressman FBI agent Hakim Jeffries
Former leader of the CIA’s Black Panthers: FBI agent “Malik Zulu Shabazz”
Former Public Relations Spokesman for Mormon Church, FBI agent “Ahmad” Corbitt (now assigned to the Dominican Republic)

The purpose of this website is to expose the Mormon Church of Satan and all enemies of Jesus Christ the Way the Truth the Life, the Prince of Peace. This website is also the beginning of a presidential campaign to elect Caroline Kennedy President of the United States. I prayed to Jehovah God to please, by means of His son Christ Jesus, please, arrange national events and world events in such a manner such that Caroline Kennedy is elected President of the United States.  I know Jehovah God hears my prayer and will answer my prayer because that particular prayer of mine is one of my deepest desires and Jehovah God has promised me that he will satisfy all of my deepest desires.  All of the information posted at this website is interconnected; directly connected to the Mormon Church of Satan’s illegal sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me. The illegal sting operation that encompasses every human being on earth, and has resulted in the LEGAL CASE, unlike any other, ever. The LEGAL CASE, headed to The Hague, Netherlands. cc all Mormon attorneys

As the Storm Approaches,
Maintain Your Focus on Jesus!
(Matthew 14:22-34; Hebrews 12:2)
(Concluding talk, Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention 2015, worldwide)