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November 3, 2017. About Me.   I am feeling extremely depressed, but even so, I must try my best to document information today.  I’m not going to Starbucks today.  I must, though, next week, start going out again.

Yesterday morning I went to the deli to purchase paper towels, bleach, muffins.

Yesterday evening I went back to the deli to purchase a salad for dinner last night, yogurt, limes for tap water beverage, cheese and pasta for dinner tonight—I did not go grocery shopping last weekend. I did not go out at all last weekend.  (I would have made do with what staples I have, canned soups/Goya beans/a box of Matzos, but I wanted to see if the deli menu or receipt name changed because I am almost positive I saw last week or the week before something about “Omo State Street Deli”.  The deli name is still the new name “Ultimate Gourmet State Street Deli”  or “Ultimate State Street Gourmet Deli” (it’s not really a gourmet deli).  I still do not know where I saw “Omo State Street Deli” sign.)

After I left the deli, as I walked up the steps (here, YWCA Brooklyn) in the main entrance vestibule where a plaque is showcased on the wall,  in honor of “Helen Ogden Wood”, a non-stereotypical African American male stood at the top of the steps holding the door open for me. He’s an FBI agent. I asked him if there’s an event taking place at the YWCA, maybe the Social Democrats or the Young Democrats (both organizations meet monthly, or used to meet monthly, here at YWCA Brooklyn). He told me no. I asked him if he lives here. He told me no. I asked him if he works here. He told me yes. He’s an events planner; he plans events that are held here at the YWCA.  I sort of curtsied, which I sometimes do without thinking about it, when I told him it was nice to meet him. Ms. Phillips, one of the two security officers at the front desk, was not wearing the black “do rag” that she had been assigned to wear two weeks ago (however, earlier yesterday, the resident in room 1101 when in the hallway with me, was wearing a black “do rag” on her head).  I went to the alcove to take pictures of the newspaper clippings on one of the coffee table.  Gerry Coleman, the resident in the room next door to me who has a key to my room, was sitting in the alcove lobby holding in front of her face a flyer from the event that was advertised for November 1 but was actually held yesterday, or maybe it was held two days, the health event.

I didn’t get up this morning until 7am. I woke up at 5am, noticing immediately that my panties were scrunched up between my buttocks and my nightgown was pulled up—somebody was in my room during the middle of the night but of course did not rape me; no umbrella or any other object was plunged in my rectum.  It was a psychological torture technique, one that I’ve experienced before, once or twice my panties not only scrunched up between my buttocks but also between the lips of my vagina, when I lived on 13th Street or it might have happened 10th Street or 12th Street, I cannot remember.  It is one of the psychological gaslight torture techniques designed to psychologically paralyze me with fear.  Easy button laser beam burp in my throat while praying last night to the true God, Jehovah.  Last night I listened to the God’s visible organization’s recording of the book of Romans, the first two chapters.   Two nights ago, when the reader of the recording that I was listening to (the book of Joel) said, “Joel, chapter one”, I felt a jolting shock in my body, easy button laser beam jolting shock.  This morning while praying to the true God Jehovah, I heard amplified toilet flush in bathroom, and I felt easy button laser beam sneezes/nasal drip in my nose. These sorts of torture techniques are not an event.

I am feeling depressed.  I did not yet post the pictures I took when walking on Broadway, and on Nassau Street.  I feel really overwhelmed.  And I feel that probably this work that I do probably is really nonsense work.  The stock market is never going to crash. Caroline Kennedy will not be elected President of the United States in the year 2020.  There will be no LEGAL CASE in The Hague, Netherlands.  There will be more shootings, and more bombings, and sky-high stock market.  Business will continue, as usual.


At least 3 shot, 1 dead after shooting at Chicago Starbucks
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(MSN News, November 3, 2017, http://www.msn.com)

Saints respond to navy …
Empty seats [empty chairs and empty tables, in no way am I a fan of Ivanka or her father] …
Donna Brazile’s bombshell …
(MSN News, November 3, 2017, http://www.msn.com)
“Saints”: “Latter-Day ‘Saints’ ” (Mormons)

I feel EXTREMELY depressed.  But I cannot stop doing this crazy woman work that I do.  A force, God’s spirit, God’s active force, drives me on. (to be continued)  Jehovah God, the true God, not Satan.  (As an aside, true Christianity has nothing in common with yin yang taoism dualism, to be continued, and absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with occultism including witchcraft and sorcery which includes tarot card reading and horoscopes and Harry Potter and so on and so forth)


AOL Desktop sign on screen, my computer (this version of AOL is now obsolete)

Hi, My name is Jeni and I am a Psychic Medium. …

(The Purple Store, Team Spirit, https://www.thepurplestore.com/teamspirit.shtml)

1. We believe
2. We believe
3. We believe
4. We believe
5. We believe
6. We believe
7.We believe
8. We believe
9. We believe
10. We believe
11. We claim
12. We believe
13. We believe
(Mormon Church of Satan “13 Articles of Faith,” https://www.lds.org/scriptures/pgp/a-of-f/1, emphasis added)

What sort of business as usual event is planned for Thanksgiving??  Another shooting?  Another bomb??  What will it be? 
What human sacrifice event to feed Bigbelly, Satan??
Only the businessmen terrorists know the answer to that question.

(MSN News, November 3, 2017.