To CIA Danite Neil Gorsuch: Capitol to Supreme Court

October 17, 2018  9am

To CIA Mormon Danite Neil Gorsuch, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court:

(Mormon Church of Satan’s Deseret News, October 18, 2018,

Market Watch, October 17, 2018,

Neil, these are some pictures I took yesterday, on my walk back to Union Station, after I visited where you are, the U.S. Supreme Court:

Actually, this picture I took when I walked from the Capitol building to the U.S. Supreme Court building:

left, UNITED METHODIST BUILDING, and right, U.S. SUPREME COURT building, Capitol Hill, October 16, 2018.  (One cannot but be impressed with this building, the exterior, the magnitude, the U.S. Supreme Court building.)

method: way; technique; style; fashion; modus operandi; manner in which something is accomplished, done.
(That I post this definition, has nothing to do with the Methodist religion.  This is about the Mormon religion.)

Neil, let me fast forward, and also backtrack.  I need to post a picture that I took after I took pictures of the United Methodist Building and the picnic tables, and two pictures that I took before I took the above picture of the United Methodist Building and the picnic tables.  First the after picture:

This picture I took on my walk from the U.S. Supreme Court building, on my way to Union Station, the building across the street from the truck.  (Neil, I know you know that’s Union Station; I am documenting for the LEGAL CASE, to be held in The Hague, Netherlands.)  Yes, Neil, coincidentally a “Well Dunn Catering” truck was coincidentally aligned with me on Columbus Avenue, but the well dunn praise is not for me; it’s praise for you Angry Birds/big cats, in Congress, and on the Bench.

This is a picture of the stairs leading from the Capitol.  At the top of the stairs, so to speak: the U.S. Supreme Court building.

This is a picture of a sign showcased on the steps, a word symbol that only Mormons know about, CIA Danite “Prophet Seer Revelator” Gordon Hinckley’s Standing for Something.

These are some pictures I took inside the U.S. Supreme Court building:


America’s Temple of Justice
[“Temple“, sounds like a symbol to me, rather Mormonism, doesn’t it??]


Neil, I am going to request an investigation to find out if this DETAILS OF STAIRWAYS is fact or Mormon historical fiction, what with the “Grande Staircase-Escalante” monument in Utah and all including Starbucks Utah Avenue Seattle, Washington Grande.

cc Mormon Church of Satan’s “General Authorities”
cc all Mormon barristers

PREMIER invitation, looks like an LP record music album, doesn’t it??
[To me, looks like two Louisville [Kentucky] brand ladders, does it to you??]


Invitation to me from St Peter’s Prep, after Wesley was expelled.
(Who is Sha_Jetta? I do not know; Wesley wrote the email address on the envelope.  By the way, my hope and dream for Wesley was that when he grew up he would have developed a love for Jehovah God the likes of young Bethelites in my congregation at that time: Steve Royster, Jimmy Choi, and Tony Gieg and others, in fact, years ago I wrote, referring to Tony Gieg, that, the highest compliment I could pay a man was that Wesley grow up to be just like him.  (Tony Gieg is the elder who called the police to escort me out of the Kingdom Hall because I refused to leave.  [Psalms 69:6-9])


Now deceased (under very mysterious circumstances) U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

a silver platter


Neil, it’s too much information for one post.  The rest of the picture I will post in another post titled To CIA Danite Neil Gorsuch: Supreme Court to Union Station.