To CIA Danite Neil Gorsuch: Supreme Court to Union Station

To CIA Danite Neil Gorsuch: Capitol to Supreme Court

October 17, 2018  10:40am

To CIA Danite Neil Gorsuch, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court:  This is a continuation of the Capitol to Supreme Court post.

When I noticed that the green light countdown starts with the number 44, me knowing about you Mormons’ symbols (1844 Oath of vengeance upon this nation), I stood and waited and took a picture.  While I was waiting I saw a man who looks a lot like Dick Gephardt; if I am not mistaken Dick Gephardt is now a lobbyist; I did not ask the man if he is Dick Gephardt, he was busy talking to whomever he was with as they two walked by.  If I am not mistaken they exited the Dirksen building.

UNITED METHODIST BUILDING, across the street from U.S. Supreme Court building, October 16, 2018

method: way; technique; style; fashion; modus operandi; manner in which something is accomplished, done.
(That I post this definition, has nothing to do with the Methodist religion.  This is about the Mormon religion.)

Two picnic tables, a symbol, on U.S. Supreme Court lawn, October 16, 2018