The MS Walk

May 22, 2018, 9am. About Me.  Earlier this morning when I crossed the street to enter the deli on the corner of Third Avenue at State Street, across the street from where I live, YWCA Brooklyn, I noticed a man ringing a bell next door to the deli. With his permission to do so I took a picture of his t-shirt, advertising THE MS WALK, and I commented to him that, there’s already a cure for MS, and a cure for cancer and autism, too, but it’s more profitable, in more ways than one, for the pharmaceuticals and the powers that be, to pretend that there is no cure, and that more research is needed. Without his permission I took a picture of him walking toward Atlantic Avenue while two yellow school buses drove by, and a twenty something year old black male walked toward State Street. He (the man wearing THE MS WALK t-shirt) was carrying a pest control spray can. He is an exterminator. My oldest daughter, Lisa, died from MS complications.

(I must continue to document the fact that, though she died a faithful servant of the true God Jehovah, Lisa is not in heaven.  And neither are two outstanding servants of Jehovah, my Aunt Ruth and my Uncle Ralph.  They three have no desire to go to heaven; they know the truth. (John 8:32) They three know they are not of that elect class of Christians who have the privilege of going to heaven to co-rule with Christ Jesus.  My daughter Lisa and my Uncle Ralph and my Aunt Ruth will be resurrected, right here on earth.  (And so will my parents be resurrected also.  Everybody will be resurrected—sounds incredible, yet true.)  Albert Schroeder is in heaven.  John Barr is in heaven.  Carey Barber is in heaven.  Karl Klein is in heaven.  Lyman Swingle is in heaven.  Matthew, Mark, Luke, John are in heaven.  Though such an outstanding servant he was called God’s Friend (Isaiah 41:8), Abraham is not in heaven.  John the Baptizer is not in heaven.  Jesus Christ was the first to die and go to heaven.  None of God’s servants who died before Jesus Christ, are in heaven.  The men I mentioned are white men.  My daughter my uncle and my aunt are black.  Is God racist?  No, no doubt a few of the 144,000 are black, however most are Jewish and other first century Christians, and of Anglo descent, late 19th century early 20th century.  In heaven it does not matter (and neither does it matter in God’s visible organization on earth).  Is God sexist?  No, for example, Mary is also in heaven, however she is not the mother of God, and she does not desire to be worshipped.  Is the Pope’s statement true, that God made people gay?  No!!)

The exterminator rang the bell next door to the deli. No one answered, so, he left.

Exterminator wearing THE MS WALK t-shirt and carrying extermination spray can, walking toward Atlantic Avenue, black male walking toward State Street, two American yellow school buses turning from Third Avenue onto Atlantic Avenue between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue (Beauty Road), May 22, 2018.  The exterminator and the black male and the two bus drivers are now plaintiffs in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Accenture, American Express, Bain, Citi, IBM, JPMorganChase, Pfizer, Merck, Hoffman LaRoche, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon barristers!

ORKIN PEST CONTROL DOWN TO A SCIENCE, Mormon Church of Satan’s Marriott Marquis hotel, May 2018

(To whomever arranged to rent this bedbug bus to drive Bethelites from Wallkill and Patterson to Assembly Hall in Jersey City, Annual Meeting, 2016: you will be exposed, and punished, GUARANTEED!  cc all Mormon barristers!!)

[Mormon Church of Satan’s imposter Jesus Christ, a panel of Monet’s water lilies like the one I purchased from Metropolitan Museum of Art and had framed and hung on the wall at the head of my and Nat’s bed, 1996]
(Mormon Church of Satan located on “Malcolm X” Boulevard at 128th Street, Harlem, New York, February 2017)

Grandpa’s Bus Company, WESTERN PEST SERVICES, Atlantic Avenue, April 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018, Brenda, a resident here at the YWCA Brooklyn, informed me that, one by one, my grandkids will pay for what I do (“taking pictures“). It’s one thing for a resident to say something because she is told to say it. It’s quite another for a resident to say something with such passion, such mean-girl snake-like venom, as though she herself would like to be the one doing the one by one.

Brenda, walking to oven while telling me harm will come to my grandchildren.

Brenda, putting something in oven while cursing me and telling me my grandchildren will be harmed.

Brenda, hiding her face after threatening me of harm to my grandchildren, Sunday, May 20, 2018. On my way to the elevator to go to Times Square to make an important message from me announcement to theatergoers on line to see Moron Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical, Brenda was again in the hallway and she yelled something or other that somebody in the street was going to knock me down.  When I came back from making an important message from me announcement to theatergoers on line to see Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical, coincidentally Brenda was in the hallway, however she did not have a knife or a pair of scissors in her hands, as she had three times in the past as I walked by.  Who tells Brenda, and Barbara Cutler, when to go in the hallway to be coincidentally aligned with me??  What kind of signal do they receive, to alert them that it’s time to go in the hallway??

Brenda no longer has the Kobe Bryant picture (my grandson Wesley’s favorite basketball player in the year 2008 or so) and the St. Jude’s Children Hospital sticker and the “holy” cross taped to her door.  Now there’s only a white flower on Brenda’s door.

Anything that I know of that happens to any member of my family, I will write about, and post what I write.  Anything that happens to me I will write about, and post what I write.

The more I look at the first picture of Brenda, her back, the more I wonder, Is that some kind of abnormality, her back?  Is Brenda the victim of some sort of Nazi medical experiment??

I have a lot of pictures to post, a lot of information to document, however I feel too overwhelmed.  While I was kicked off the internet this morning I typed more excerpts from the book I just finished reading, and will reread, Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly; I will spend the next few hours proofreading and posting some of what I typed.




“Here, this is my mother,” said one young woman as she prodded an older woman forward. “She has been coughing so hard she cannot work.”

“Of course,” Fritz said.

One obviously pregnant, dark-skinned girl with brown, heavily lashed eyes like those of a dairy cow came forward and smiled at Fritz, her arms crossed, resting on her swollen belly.  In minutes Fritz had his sixty-five candidates, and he instructed a guard to accompany them to the Revier.  At least they went along calmly.

(Lilac Girls, Martha Hall Kelly, page 120)

At Auschwitz I
Arbeit macht frei” (German pronunciation: [ˈaɐ̯baɪt ˈmaxt ˈfʁaɪ]) is a German phrase meaning “work sets you free”. The slogan is known for appearing on the entrance of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps.[1]

Market Watch, May 22, 2018,

Hoboken, Union City, Cliffside Park

154 W 14th
cc CIA agent Warren Wilhelm aka Bill de Blasio
cc all Mormon barristers