Have a Good Knight

[The following craziness is posted for the LEGAL CASE]

The following phrases are now code words having to do with 1984 super technology easy button torture and BMW (Brave Mormon World) drugs/hedonism:

Beatles Hello Goodbye, Hello Moto, Verizon Can You Hear Me Now?, Hello Kitty (and, Kitty Genovese), Hello Brooklyn

Have a good night
[Have a good knight]
Knights of the Round Table
Knights of the KKK

[Holy Scripture, Song of Solomon 1:12:]
“As long as the king is at his round table my own spikenard+ has given out its fragrance.+


[Profanation of Holy Scriptures:]
Good morning

Have a great day
Great Salt Lake
http://www.marketwatch.com/, March 29, 2017
to be continued